April 7, 2023

Creation Chronicles Lessons from Book 2

A group of goats is called a trip

A group of hares is called a husk

A group of finches is called a charm

A group of geese on the ground is a gaggle

A group of geese in the air is a skein

A group of kangaroos is called a mob

A group of whales is called a pod

A group of ravens is called a murder

A group of larks is called an exaltation

A group of owls is called a parliament

A group of flamingos is called a flamboyance

A group of parrots is called a pandemonium

A group of wombats is called a wisdom

A group of penguins is called a rookery

A group of rattlesnakes is called a rumba

A group of raccoons is called a gaze

A group of elephants is called a memory

A group of otters is called a romp

A group of ducks is called a paddling

A group of people who believe in Jesus is called a Christian Church

As we look at the natural world around us, it brings to mind how many of God’s created creatures often associate in groups.  They don’t survive for very long if they insist on being alone.  His creatures come together for family and fellowship and protection.  

The creatures that God created in His own image are not meant to be alone either.  He even said that about Adam before Adam ever sinned.  God created us to be with Him and each other for family and fellowship and for protection against sin.  Being part of the church is a wonderful way to accomplish these things.  Many families begin because people meet at church.  Church can also be family for those who have lost their families in some way.  Sure, families can have their squabbles just like in the animal kingdom, but we are still family.  Church is a place for fellowship.  It is good to know that we don’t have to face this sinful world alone.  Seeing that our friends are facing similar situations gives us opportunities to give encouragement and to receive it.  Being together as a church is also a better way to face the temptations that come.  We know that we don’t have to be an army of one to face the enemy.  It does not have to be a lonely fight.  We can watch out for one another.

The natural world around us is often called “God’s Second Book.”  His first book is the one that we study daily, the Holy Bible.  “Book Two” is everything He created that we see around us when we look up from “Book One.”  Let’s take every opportunity to learn of God’s character of love wherever we look!

– Pastor Crutcher

What’s Coming up Next

  • April 2 – 8

    Sunday, April 2

    GAA Golf Tournament

    Tuesday, April 4

    GAA Moveathon 9am-11am

    – Firehall Dedication 2pm

    Wednesday, 5

    – Home & School Prayer Circle 8am

    Thursday, 7

    – Shaw Center Round-Up Day for Kindergarten class 4pm-6pm

    Friday, 8

    – Orchestra Rehearsal 7pm

    Sabbath, 9

    – Morning Message: Pastor Kent: “We Would See Jesus”

  • April 9 – 15

    Sunday, 9

    – Easter Sunday

    – Mike Carducci Meeting with Parents at GAA @ 7pm-8pm

    Tuesday, 11

    – Dinner with Doctor Greg Steinke 6:30pm-8:30pm

    Thursday, 13

    – Pathfinder Meeting @ 6pm

    Friday, 14

    – Evening Program: Chad & Fadia Kreuzer at Greeneville SDA Church

    Sabbath, 15

    – Morning Message: Chad & Fadia Kreuzer at Greeneville SDA Church

    – Reese Fellowship Lunch to follow worship service

    – AYA: Chad & Fadia Kreuzer at Greeneville SDA Church

    – Reese Fellowship Lite Supper to follow AYA

  • April 16 – 22

    Sunday, 16

    – Elder’s Meeting at Greeneville SDA Church Fellowship Hall @ 7pm

    – Special Party for a Special Person 1pm-3pm ALL CHURCH MEMBERS ARE INVITED!!

    Monday, 17

    – Church Finance Meeting @ 6pm

    – Church Board Meeting @ 7pm

    Tuesday, 18

    – Tax Day

    Wednesday, 19

    – Home & School Prayer Circle @ 8am

    Thursday, 20

    – How to Class: “Benefits of Juicing” from 6pm-7:30pm @ Greeneville SDA Church

    – GCC Pathfinder Camporee at Cohutta Springs Starts (Thursday – Sunday)

    Sabbath, 22

    – Morning Message: Pastor Nate Nelson

  • April 23 – 30

    Sunday, 23

    – GCC Pathfinder Camporee Ends

    – ABC Book Mobile Van 10am-11am

    Monday, 24

    School Board Meeting at 6pm

    Wednesday, 26

    Home & School Prayer Circle at 8am

    Thursday, 27

    – GAA Music Rehearsal

    – Pathfinder Meeting at 6pm

    Friday, 28

    – Emotional and Spiritual Care Certification

    Sabbath, 29

    – GAA Music Performance

    – Adventurer Meeting at 2:30pm

    – AYA: GAA Strings at 6:30pm

    Sunday, 30

    • Adventurer Meeting at 10am

Greeneville SDA Church: The Months Ahead

May 2023

  • GAA Senior Class Trip
  • Cinco De Mayo
  • Pathfinder/Adventurer Joint Investiture
  • Men’s Ministry Meeting
  • Spring Concert/Strawberry Festival
  • Church Finance & Board Meeting
  • School Board Meeting
  • Next Step Training
  • GAA Award Ceremony
  • Collegedale Camp Meeting Begins
  • Mother’s Day
  • Atlanta Braves Family Game Day
  • Complement & Complete Program
  • Investment Craft Fair

June 2023

  • Collegedale Camp Meeting
  • International Sabbath
  • Communion
  • Father’s Day

July 2023

  • Church Camp Out at Cades Cove

For more information and latest information, please visit https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/5?cid=Z3JlZW5ldmlsbGVhZHZlbnRpc3RAZ21haWwuY29t

GCC News/Events

GCC The Months Ahead

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