Friday, June 10, 2022

Dear Church Family,

As we enter the summer months, perhaps these tips will serve as a helpful reminder to all parents out there!


Parenting is hard. Parents have to choose their battles. Here are 8 fights worth picking with your kids:

The Reading Fight:
Make your kids read. Because reading is tied to everything from cognitive development to the ability to focus. Make your kids read now.

The Outside Fight:
Make your kids go outside. The natural world teaches us things. Plus, outside there’s sunshine, fresh air, and exercise waiting for them. Most importantly, nature is full of things in short supply in our world: Discovery, wonder, peace, joy.

The Work Fight:
Make your kids work. I’m saddened by how many parents don’t require their kids to lift a finger at home. There are priceless life principles you can only learn with a mop in your hand. Let sweat be their teacher.

The Meal Fight:
Make your kids eat as a family. Our lives are a blur of incessant activity. Meals together are a physical pause to recover a truth so easily sacrificed at the altar of busyness. Nothing’s more important than family.

The Boredom Fight:
Make your kids live with boredom. Don’t show a DVD on each car ride. Kids need unscheduled time. And, odd as it sounds, boredom is a skill. It’s hard as a parent to deal with the assault of boredom complaints. But if you give in and fill up their time with external stimuli, you’ll raise an activity addict. Make them learn how to be.

The “Me First” Fight:
Make your kids go last. Not every time for everything. But enough to remember that the world doesn’t revolve around them. Take the smallest piece. Give up the remote. Do someone else’s chores. Get their least favorite choice. They won’t like it, but they need it.

The Awkward Conversation Fight:
Make your kids have uncomfortable conversations with you. Sex, dating, body image, values…Your kids will roll their eyes and resist. You will stumble and stutter. They need and want your perspective, lessons learned, and wisdom.

The Limitation Fight:
Learning to live within limits is a valuable life skill. In fact, many adult problems arise from an inability to accept them. Screen time limits, dietary limits, activity limits, and schedule limits are all good.

As a parent, you have to pick your battles. They’re not easy, but they’re worth the fight.

– David Morris

In the news:

1.This Sabbbath we will hear from our new pastor, Pastor Nate Nelson! His message this Sabbath is entitled, “A New Beginning!” His wife’s name is Jennifer & their daughter’s name is Evelyn.

2. AYA will be at 7:30 P.M. this Sabbath and will feature an Adventist Frontier Missions couple from the middle east. Come and hear their stories of God’s leading in their mission adventures. An offering will be collected.

3. We are having our second LIVE STREAM this Sunday at 4:30 P.M.. All those who are 50 and over are invited along with their families to our house for food and fellowship by the stream. If you would like to bring something to complement the meal, a salad would be welcome. We are having hotdogs with a very small fire for roasting as it’s supposed to be very warm this Sunday. Feel free to stick your feet in the cold stream! Bring a chair and dress cool.

4. This Monday we will have Finance Committee at 6 P.M. in the fellowship hall and the church board at 7:15 P.M.

5. Dinner with the Doctor is scheduled for this coming Tuesday at 6:30 P.M. at the church. Please RSVP by calling the church office this Monday and invite your friends. The presenter will be Dr. Erick Bulawa and his topic is treating Chronic Metabolic Disease.

6. The third annual GAA yard is scheduled for Sunday, June 26. They are accepting items for our fundraiser. Gather your unwanted, clean (in working order) donations including toys, furniture, sports equipment,
tools, outdoor gear, and kitchen/housewares and bring them to the GAA gym. Donations will be accepted on the following dates: June 13-16 (M-Th), 1-6pm; June 17 (F), 10-2pm; June 20-23 (M-Th), 1-6pm; June 24 (F), 10-2pm. For times outside of that, contact Lee Elliott at 937-305-8126, Anne Andrus at 423-615-403-2954, or call the school office at 423-639-2011

7. This Wednesday we will continue our study in the book of Zechariah with a look at chapters 12-14. Join us via ZOOM at 7 P.M.

8. This week was the General Conference session and you can catch up on all the news by visiting this link.

9. Looking ahead:

  • Sabbath, June 25 – AYA Old Timey Music with Dan Sanford
  • Sunday, June 26 – GAA Yard Sale
  • Sunday, July 3 – Men’s Ministry Breakfast / Bible Study
  • Sabbath, July 9 – AWR Sabbath
  • Sabbath, July 9 – AYA Old Timey Musical
  • July 18-22 – Vacation Bible School
  • July 29-31 – Church Camp Out Make your reservations now.
  • Sabbath, August 6 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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