Friday, April 1, 2022

Dear Church Family,

Such beautiful words!

The Faith I Live By, Page 118

In the news:

1.This Sabbath, Pastor Jared will be sharing the morning message with us. This will be his last message with us as our associate pastor. We are going to miss him.

2. This Sabbath, we will have a special church-wide fellowship dinner as a farewell for Pastor Jared & his family. Please bring a dish and plan to join us.

3. This Sabbath we also will be celebrating two baptisms, one for Henry Kennedy and the other for Sadie Tomlinson The baptisms will be at Horse Creek at 3:30 P.M.

4. This Sunday morning from 8:30-10 A.M. we will have a men’s breakfast and Bible study in the church fellowship hall. All men are invited to attend.

5. Our mid-week Bible study will not meet this coming Wednesday due to the Reese/Chalfant wedding.

6. Remember to keep our GAA mission team in your prayers as they depart for Bolivia this coming week. They will be gone for two weeks.

7. We will celebrate communion together a week from this Sabbath, April 9 during the worship hour. And due to the dramatic decline in COVID cases in our area, we will also be able to enjoy a return to the traditional method of sharing the bread and juice. Let us prepare our hearts as we anticipate this sacred service.

8. We have our church retreat coming up April 15-16 at the Oaks retreat center. We will begin the weekend with a presentation on Friday night and then a full day on Sabbath! Melody Mason will be our guest speaker. We will have a fellowship dinner on Sabbath but you will need to bring your food ready to serve as we won’t have refrigeration or warming arrangements. You can contact the Oaks directly to make arrangements if you prefer to stay at the Oaks.

Melody Mason will be our guest speaker for our upcoming retreat.

9. Remember that now is the time to begin inviting your friends and neighbors to the upcoming Serpentine Prophecy series at our church, April 21-23. This four-part series will begin nightly at 7P.M. and also Sabbath morning at 11 A.M. It’s a high-quality program that looks at the subject of death and spiritualism. We have a small supply of sharing cards to give to those you plan to invite but not enough to put stacks in offices. So please only take what you will use. They are available in the church foyer. We also have it posted on our church website and Facebook page. Invite folks to visit for more information and to register.

10. Just a reminder to make your reservations now for the church camp out this July 29-31. You can make the reservations by clicking here. We usually congregate around the A & B sites.

11. I noticed we have a complete set of the Testimonies for the Church at the church on the give away table in the foyer. Anyone interested is welcome to have them. This would be a great resource for a young person developing their library. These books are so valuable!

12. This week I happened upon this video of Walter Veith & T Colin Campbell in an online dialogue from a 2021 Plant-Based Summit. I remember filming Walt Cross’ presentations for this same summit. Perhaps you have already seen this video but for those who haven’t and who have appreciated the work of either or both, I thought you would appreciate this fascinating dialogue.

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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