Friday, December 31

Dear Church Family,

As we begin the new year, let us remember to pause and reflect on our current walk with Jesus! Have we grown in our walk with Him this past year? If yes, how so? If not, how come? Consider your daily routine and habits. What incremental adjustments can you make each month to inch yourself day by day, month by month, closer to Jesus! You know it is the most important discussion you can have with yourself at this time.

As you think of ways to grow and develop your devotional time, here are some helpful tips you might consider:

  1. Remember our reading and prayer are for the purpose of knowing Jesus as a Savoiur and friend, not merely to know facts. How can my study time reach this desire better.
  2. While many argue that quality is more important than quantity, I believe they are basically the same. Look at the evidence in Jesus’ life. Clearly, quantity mattered as well as quality.
  3. Consider a reading plan? Perhaps you would like to read through the Bible in a year or a book of the Bible each quarter as the Sabbath School lesson often does. Or perhaps take a journey through the gospels with the Desire of Ages or a three year journey through the Bible along with the Conflict of the Ages as commentary. H.M.S. Richards used to read through the whole Bible each January to get the big picture and then read it again more slowly from Feb through Dec. The point is, have a plan.
  4. Bathe in God’s Word. Listen to the Word during your commute or while you exercise. Listen while you wash dishes or prepare supper. With apps like Youversion & Daily Audio Bible , you can listen to the Bible once a year or several times over the year. Here’s a helpful article on some of your online options. Some even like to listen while they read along. Depends perhaps on what kind of learning style you have. But saturate yourself with His Word! And here’s a great site for those training their little ones to do the same.
  5. After hearing Randy Skeete, you might be more inpsired to memorize Scripture. Elder Skeete told me that he doesn’t have a photographic memory. It’s just rigorous practice. Here’s a simple app to assit you if you prefer or old fashioned note cards can do the trick.
  6. Consider prayer journaling. I know my oldest son faithfully prayer journaled every day this past year. He never missed a day. Make that same committment. Write your prayers out to Jesus! I find it helps as it keeps you better focused in your prayer time. There are lots of ideas online for how to approach your time in prayer journaling.
  7. Pray with your Bible in hand. Make not only a prayer list but a list of promises to accompany that prayer list. Ask God to direct you in your search for promises. He wants to show you what He has for you.

My appeal is simple. Take this time of transition into a new year to reflect and recalibrate spiritually. Make small measurable goals that grow each month. Habits take 21 days to form and 63 days to stick. So be patient but be persistent and ask God to help you. This is something you can ask for in full confidence knowing He wants more than anything to reveal Himself to you more fully in 2022!!

In the news:

1.This afternoon from 2-4 p.m. the family of Lisa Johnson will receive friends and loved ones at Kiser Rose Hill Funeral home next to the church. Then at 4 p.m., there will be a celebration of life service in the chapel. I will be officiating. I thought I would include these pictures from Lisa’s baptism back in 2019. What a blessed event it was. She was so excited to be a part of our church family and we will miss her.

2. This Sabbath, John Hawkins will be sharing the morning message with a sermon entitled, “Who Are You?” I will be away for the weekend visiting family.

3. Mid-week service resumes this coming Wednesday at 7 p.m. via ZOOM. We are looking at James chapter 1. A ZOOM invite goes out via email at 5 pm each Wednesday.

4. Dinner with the Doctor is coming soon! Dr. Daniel Castro will present with a presentation entitled, “Diabetes: Essential Characteristics for Reversal.” This will take place Tuesday, January 11 at 6:30 p.m.

5. Join Dan Sanford and friends for a variety of musical selections and styles as we close the Sabbath, January 8 at 5 p.m. in the church Sanctuary. Please contact Dan if you would like to participate in the program or just bring your instrument.

6. After the service this Sabbath, please feel free to take a poinsettia and share it with someone. Also, a big thank you to Lynn Marsa for coordinating the beautiful decorations in the Sanctuary. It was all very beautiful!

7. Lynn Marsa asks for prayer this morning as her brother has suffered a brain bleed as well as a seizure. He is in the hospital in South Africa and his condition is very serious. Your prayers are appreciated.

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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