Friday, May 28, 2021

Dear Church Family,

It is the duty of every Christian to acquire habits of order, thoroughness, and dispatch. There is no excuse for slow bungling at work of any character. When one is always at work and the work is never done, it is because mind and heart are not put into the labor. The exercise of the will power will make the hands move deftly.
The Bible gives no indorsement to idleness. It is the greatest curse that afflicts our world. Every man and woman who is truly converted will be a diligent worker.
. . . Only let the moments be treasured. A few moments here and a few there, that might be frittered away in aimless talk; the morning hours so often wasted in bed; the time spent in traveling on trams or railway cars, or waiting at the station; the moments of waiting for meals, waiting for those who are tardy in keeping an appointment—if a book were kept at hand, and these fragments of time were improved in study, reading, or careful thought, what might not be accomplished. A resolute purpose, persistent industry, and careful economy of time, will enable men to acquire knowledge and mental discipline which will qualify them for almost any position of influence and usefulness.

White, E. G. (1958). The Faith I Live By (p. 159). Review and Herald Publishing Association.

In the news:

1.I am sad to announce that Melody Mason will not be with us this Sabbath due to a family situtation that she could not avoid. Her mother isn’t well and needs prayer. Thus because of this cancellation, there will be NO AYA this week. I will be sharing the morning message with a look at John 11 and the story of Lazarus.

2. Our mid-week study in Hebrews will continue this coming Wednesday via ZOOM. We ae currently in the last section of Hebrews 10.

3. Don’t forget to make your reservations for our annual church camp out at Cades Cove, July 30 – August 1. Click here to be taken to the CADES COVE reservation site. Remember, reservations need to be made soon if you plan to camp as sites are filling up. We usually congregate in the A & B sites as much as possible.

4. Remember that VBS is slated for July 18-23 at our church.

5. We need volunteers for fellowship meal teams in order to resume fellowship luncheons. If you would be willing to serve approximately once or twice a quarter, please let the office know.

6. Remember that the school will begin receiving yard sale items June 7. Contact Fred Myers or Lee Elliott to arrange a drop off. The yard sale is scheduled for June 27.

7. I will be taking vacation with family for the next several weeks and will return on July 8. While I am away, the pulpit schedule will be as follows: June 5 – Pastor Jared (Adriana will also be baptized this Sabbath), June 12 – Dave Ondrejka Sr., June 19 – Elder Carl Ashlock, June 26 – Katie Jane Emde, July 3- Pastor Jared.

8. Eric & Rachel Nelson will be sharing sacred music and inspirational stories next Sabbath for AYA at 7:30 p.m.

9. This will be Ruben & Naicelis, Isabela & Albert’s last Sabbath. Due to an opporunity Naicelis has in Miami, they will be moving. I hear they may return in the future. But please keep them in your prayers.

10. In this week’s Greener Pasture’s segment, we learn how to make Pecan-Oat Burgers. This recipe has been shared at some of our health ministries events and is a modified version of a recipe from the Step-Fast Recipe Box.

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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