Friday, April 30, 2021

Dear Church Family,

Again, very practical counsel for the times in which we are living:

There is a large vineyard to be cultivated; but while Christians are to work among unbelievers, they are not to appear like worldlings. They are not to spend their time talking politics or acting politics; for by so doing they give the enemy opportunity to come in and cause variance and discord . . .

God calls upon all who minister in word and doctrine to give the trumpet a certain sound. All who have received Christ, ministers and lay members, are to arise and shine; for great peril is right upon us. Satan is stirring up the powers of earth. Everything in this world is in confusion. God calls upon His people to hold aloft the banner bearing the message of the third angel.…

God’s children are to separate themselves from politics, from any alliance with unbelievers. They are not to link their interests with the interests of the world. “Give proof of your allegiance to Me,” He says, “by standing as My chosen heritage, as a people zealous of good works.” Do not take part in political strife. Separate from the world, and refrain from bringing into the church or school ideas that will lead to contention and disorder. Dissension is the moral poison taken into the system by human beings who are selfish. God wants His servants to have clear perceptions, true and noble dignity, that their influence may demonstrate the power of truth.—MS., June 16, 1899.

In the news:

1. There will be a vesper’s program tonight at the church with the GAA Costa Rica mission team giving report of their recent trip earlier this month. The program will be at the church at 7 p.m. This program will be live streamed for those unable to attend.

2. This Sabbath we will celebrate communion with a footwashing service and the Lord’s supper. Precautions will be in place again for COVID. I will be sharing the message this Sabbath.

3. We will have a memorial service this Sabbath afternoon at 4 p.m. for Dianne Ondrejka. Everyone is invited and please note that this service will be live streamed as well.

Dianne Ondrejka

4. GAA’s only live concert for the school year, “Concert on the Greene” has been moved from the GAA Athletic field to the GAA Gym. This vesper’s program will begin at 7 p.m. and the annual strawberry festival will follow after sunset. Please be aware there will be limited space and amasks are encouraged but not required per the school board. Music and portions of the program will be live stream via the Greeneville Adventist Academy Facebook page.

5. This Sunday from 3-5 our May Social will be kite making/flying with pastor Carl. All ages welcome. I also asked that if possible people bring any materials they may have such as string, wrapping paper, elmers glue, tape, old sheets or pillow cases etc.

6. We have a vespers and supper planned at our home for Sabbath, May 15 at 6 p.m.  We will have a bonfire and supper following the service. If you would like to bring something for the supper, a salad of some kind would be welcome. We hope you can join us for this special time. Remember to bring a chair and something with which to roast hot dogs.

7. Just a reminder that the GAA yard sale will be accepting donations beginning June 7. The actual yard sale will be June 27.

8. Don’t forget to make your reservations for our annual church camp out at Cades Cove, July 30 – August 1.  Click here to be taken to the CADES COVE reservation site.  Remmber, reservations need to be made soon if you plan to camp as sites are filling up. We usually congregate in the A & B sites as much as possible.

9. Found out this morning that we anticipate the construction of the church pavilion itself to begin mid-May if weather doesn’t create any delays. So prep work should begin soon.  As a reminder, please refrain from entering the construction area until the project is complete.

10.  Here’s an overview of what’s coming up in the next several weeks as you seek to plan your calendar: 

May 8 – Youth Sabbath with Lilybeth Andrus preaching

May 8 – Adventurer / Pathfinder Investiture at 6 p.m.

May 15 – Vespers / Baptism / Supper at Arnall home at 6 p.m.

May 19 – 8th Grade Graduation at 7 p.m.

May 20 – Senior Graduation at 6 p.m.

May 22 – Senior Baccalaureate

May 22- Darby Jones Concert at 7 p.m. for AYA. 

May 29 – Melody Mason speaks for Sabbath morning, afternoon and evening.

11. Please keep Nancy Blankenship in your prayers as she continues her slow recovery from her fall. Connie Fielder is recovering nicely as she had a successful procedure on Sunday and should in a few weeks be walking again. Also, we have several families who are trying to find housing in the area at this time. I just spoke to another new family of 6 from Florida this week that is hoping to find something in our area. Please keep these famlies in your prayers as they seek the Lord’s will.

12. Speaking of prayer, this is the prayrer group that meets at the school each Wednesday morning at 8 a.m. Prayer is making a real impact on our school. At our board meeting this past Monday evening, it was so exciting to hear the projections for enrollment next year. If the projection holds true, we will have 97 students enrolled. But please keep the above prayer requests in your prayers as we have families struggling to find a home in our area. Also, we praise God that finances are looking strong at the school and we are finally paying off the ball field as well. I would say it’s time to sing the doxology!

13 . So here is the last in the 10 part Gardening with Carl series and this is probably my favorite. We hope to maybe do some more later in the summer.

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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