Friday, October 30, 2020

Dear Church Family,

The following is a very interesting analysis of the Pope’s recent Encyclical, Fratelli Tutti.  I would encourage you to listen to the presentation in it’s entirety. 

Inspiration in speaking on this theme says:

It is true that the people of the earliest church brought their belongings and put them into a common fund, and “had all things common.” And this is cited by the advocates of socialism as the true example, and assurance that socialism is the true order in government and society on earth. But in this deduction in behalf of socialism, the most important elements, indeed the strictly vital elements, are all left out. It is true that at that time the church had all things in common, and no one said that aught that he had was his own. But that was the church, not the State, nor society, as such; and it was the church immediately after Pentecost, when “all were filled with the Holy Ghost.” And not all who cite this in advocacy of socialism are thus filled with the Holy Ghost. Another item in that action of the early church is that the matter of having all things common was altogether and absolutely voluntary on the part of every one of those who were in it. While in the socialism proposed, it is intended to conduct a political campaign, and get a majority vote, and then have this majority compel by force all to have all things common. But the thing can never be accomplished by force, nor by any political or any other worldly scheme.   SITI March 16, 1904

In the news;

  1. There will be a ZOOM Sabbath school  option for those who can’t make it this Sabbath. 
  2. This Sabbath Pastor Jared will be sharing the message with a sermon entitled, “Why Are You So Afraid?”
  3. Since Covid-19 came on the scene, there has been a dramatic increase in people’s desire to know more about the Bible. The Bible Instructors Team, a division of the ministerial department, is developing a program to address this rising need! Pastors and Bible workers alone cannot meet this challenge. We need members to answer the call to train and go into the vineyard (virtually and physically) to work with those who are desiring to know about God and His Word! You can learn more about this initiative by participating in a webinar on Sabbath, Oct 31, at 3 p.m. or 6 p.m. To join via zoom, visit:
  4. A reminder that you can participate this year in the AMEN conference for free by checking it out on 3ABN or via this link at
  5. We will look at the 2nd half of Romans 11 this coming Wednesday night via ZOOM.   
  6. The arrangements for Liz Holt’s service are sill being made but in talking with her niece, they plan to hold the services up in Maryland.  Please remember the family in your prayers. 

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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