Friday, July 3, 2020

Dear Church Family,

The church board met last night via ZOOM and discussed how to proceed with services at church since our community recently moved to Phase 2 and COVID-19 cases are on the rise.  Based on our meeting last night, the following directives have been issued for the time being:

  • Masks are required by all with the exception of children 8 yrs old and younger.  Please note that while seated during the service in the sanctuary, it is acceptable to remove your mask but when you are up and about or visiting with others, masks are required based on the vote last night.
  • Those leading out in Sabbath school and church will not be required to use masks while serving upfront as they will remain far back from the congregation.  IMG_0652
  • Since social distancing is necessary, the pews will be marked off in such a manner to allow for better distancing. So as you can see from the picture, the section that has an x is not to be sat in.  Families should be able to sit together with no problem but it is asked that we avoid sitting on the marked sections of the pews.
  • We will continue to have no congregational singing for the time being.
  • A new air filtration system was just installed at church which is the same as what Southern Adventist University installed which is to filter the air every 30 minutes.
  • After church, everyone is asked to please visit outside and not in the foyer or hallways.

These instructions from the church board are intended to maximize safety while allowing for corporate worship and study.  Thank you for your patience and understanding while we navigate the social strain caused by this pandemic.  By following the instructions above, we can better care for one another and help alleviate some of the fears of those more vulnerable ones around us.

In the news:

  1. There will be no Sabbath School via ZOOM but instead, you can participate by live stream. To participate, simply click on the brown live stream button on our church’s home page to be taken to our church Youtube page where you can watch live.   Note that for those attending in person, all classes are meeting except for Milton Siepman’s class.
  2. I will be sharing the morning message tomorrow with a message entitled, “Effectual Prayer.”  This is part V in our Elijah series.
  3. Russell Waddell will be baptized this Sabbath and we rejoice in his return to the church.  He used to attend here years ago and after around 30-40 years away, he recently began attending again a few years ago and decided to be re-baptized as he re-joins the church he grew up in.
  4. There will be no AYA this Sabbath due to the holiday weekend.
  5. Due to COVID-19, I learned that the Waldensian play won’t work out for our church family this year.  So our August 8 field trip has been canceled.  If you had already paid, your money will be returned.
  6. Our church camp out is still a go however and if you haven’t reserved your site, we ask that you do so ASAP as sites are filling up.  Elder Carl Ashlock will share the morning message for us on Sabbath at Cades Cove.  Note we will still have services at Greeneville that Sabbath for those not able to camp.Snapseed (5)
  7. Sandra Lawing continues to recover from her surgery and wanted to thank everyone for the cards and calls that have come to her over the last few weeks. Thank you.
  8. The Pathfinders are raising money for their club by selling fruit.  If you would like to pick up some fruit, you can grab an order form in the church foyer and turn it in sometime before the deadline.  Here is a copy of that order form if you want to take care of it right now.  dina-nasyrova-Nc5M3JN8_40-unsplash (1)
  9. Here are a couple opportunities from Wildwood Training for anyone interested.
  10. The GAA yard sale is scheduled for July 26. The school is presently accepting donations. NOTE that there is a NEW DROP OFF LOCATION which is at the school gym. You can drop it off Monday through Friday from 10-3. Please call Randy Nomura prior to coming to confirm that someone will be there when you arrive.

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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