January 3, 2020

Dear Church Family,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hard to believe we have arrived at the year 2020. It used to seem so far away. As we go through this year together, I want to encourage us to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus! The following is taken from an article on Ellen White and her love for Jesus and His Word:

One of Ellen White’s most touching and spiritually compelling letters was written to her sister the year she died. Elizabeth, or Lizzie as she was called, did not live as a Christian through most of her adult life. The letter was never published and was intended to be personal, but it reveals Ellen’s spiritual longing for her sister and her love for Jesus.
“I love to speak of Jesus and His matchless love and my whole soul is in this work. I have not one doubt of the love of God and His care and His mercy and ability to save to the utmost all who come unto Him. . . . Don’t you believe in Jesus, Lizzie? Do you not believe He is your Saviour? That He has evidenced His love for you in giving His own precious life that you might be saved? All that is required of you is to take Jesus as your own precious Saviour. I pray most earnestly that the Lord Jesus shall reveal Himself to you and to Reuben. . . .
“Dear sister, it is no wonderful thing that you have to do. You fell poor, suffering, and afflicted, and Jesus invites all of this class to come to Him. . . . Friends may feel sorrowful, but they cannot save you. Your physician cannot save you. But there is One who died that you might live through eternal ages. Just believe that Jesus will hear your confession, receive your penitence, and forgive every sin and make you children of God. . . . Will you give yourself in trusting faith to Jesus? I long to take you in my arms and lay you on the bosom of Jesus Christ. . . . With Jesus as your blessed Friend you need not fear to die, for it will be to you like closing your eyes here and opening them in heaven. Then we shall meet never more to part.”  https://www.perspectivedigest.org/archive/21-3/ellen-whites-passion-for-jesus-and-the-scriptures

In the news:
1. I will be sharing the morning message with you tomorrow with a message entitled, “A Resolution & A Revolution.” We will also have a baby dedication for Jonathan & Melody Dietrich’s baby, Eliora Rose Dietrich.

2. Remember to bring your instrument to church tomorrow to play along with the hymns at church.

3. The Emde team will be hosting fellowship lunch tomorrow.

4. AYA this Sabbath will be at 5 p.m. and will feature Jonathan Dietrich and his family giving a report from their mission work in Chad. There will be plenty of stories and pictures so bring the whole family.

5. There will be a volleyball game after AYA at the school gym at 6:30 p.m. for those interested.

6. This Monday evening we will have a memorial service for Priscilla’s husband, Scott Clark at 7 p.m. at the church. All are invited to attend.

7. This Tuesday evening there will be a dinner with the doctor program at 6:30 p.m. at the church with Dr. Kanna presenting. His talk is entitled, “Brain Power – Don’t Shrink It!” unnamed

8. Wednesday we will be resuming our evening prayer meeting at 6:30 p.m. in the youth room. Remember the morning class has been discontinued. We have a good-sized group gather each Wednesday with great discussion and group dynamics. All are welcome to join us as we sing, pray and study together.

9. The Optimize Your Brain seminar is scheduled to begin this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the church. Several have already registered for this series presented by Dr. Neal Nedley. Optimize your brain flyer
10. Starting January 13, 2020, East View Eye Care (EVEC) is hosting an 8-session Diabetes Undone program as part of its “Focus on Health” lecture series at the EVEC Conference Center on the lower floor of their building. Dr. Brad Emde will facilitate the program. All are welcome. The cost includes 2 free meals and materials. Pre-registration is required by Friday, January 10, 2020. For more information, exact dates, registration information, cost, and how patients of EVEC can attend for free, visit www.eastvieweyecare.com.

11. Pastor Jared, our new associate pastor, is in town now and settling in. Pastor Rick Greve will be here next Sabbath for his official installation service. Pastor Jared will share the message next Sabbath, January 11 and a church-wide fellowship meal will follow as we welcome him into our church family.

12. A memorial service for Charlie Palm has been scheduled for Sunday, January 19 at 2 p.m. at the church.

13. An Elder’s meeting has been scheduled for January 19 at 5:30 p.m. at Pastor Jeremy’s home.

14. It is hard to believe but soon we are scheduled to be through with volume 2 of the egw-testimonies_9vol-set_largeTestimonies for those participating in the Testimonies for the Church reading program. We will have another lite potluck and discussion at the Kretschmar home on Friday, January 24 at 5:45 p.m. So if you are behind like we are, take some extra time to get caught up so we can have a meaningful discussion regarding volume 2. Remember, this reading program has us completing the 9 volumes by the end of this year by simply reading 10 pages a day. It’s such a rewarding journey. I received a text this week from one of you that read: “Reading the Testimonies is blessing my life. All these years didn’t know they would be such a blessing.” All I can say is praise God!

15. I drove over to Newport last night to visit the Mustard Seed health food store where Walt Cross is beginning another 13 week class on health.  The class is described here (note the dates are wrong in the handout) and the schedule is depicted here. The results of this program are amazing from the testimonies of those who’ve done it before and I wanted to give it a go for the next 13 weeks.  Plus I am intrigued by the notion of a more protracted yet drastic approach that promises more dramatic results.  I hope to lose some weight,  lower my LDL cholesterol and raise my HDL cholesterol so will keep you posted as to how it goes with me.  Tina is joining me as is Carolyn from the office.  We began the water fast today.

16.   Jesse Felan sr. is stable today and his vitals are good.  He can communicate with a yes or no but is sedated somewhat and is still in need of much prayer.

17.  Remember, our prophecy series with Pastor Marcus is set to begin Monday, Feb 10 at the Crescent School.

Blessings as you begin this new year!

In His Service,
Pastor Jeremy

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