Friday, December 20, 2019

Dear Church Family,

It is human nature to care for our own, whether our own be our ideas, projects, occupations or relatives.  But clearly, God would have us to reach beyond the borders of our own and serve with and for others.  Notice these words of counsel as it pertains to relatives:

You are all narrowed up as to labor for others, and must change your base of operations. Your relatives are no dearer in the sight of God than any other poor souls who need salvation. We must put self and selfishness under our feet, and exemplify in our lives the spirit of self-sacrifice and disinterested benevolence manifested by Jesus when He was upon earth. All should have an interest for their relatives, but should not allow themselves to be shut up to them as though they were the only ones whom Jesus came to save.  2T 77

In the news:

  1. Those participating in the choir or orchestra are asked to gather for practice at 7 p.m. tonight at the church. The strings will practice on the platform, the brass in the fellowship hall and the choir in the SS rooms.  Then at 7:30 p.m., everyone is asked to meet in the sanctuary for the regular practice session.
  2. This Sabbath we will have the orchestra & choir participating in the worship service.
  3. We will have a fellowship dinner this Sabbath with the Cross team hosting.
  4. There will be no AYA this Sabbath due to the holidays.
  5. A big congratulations to our Principal of GAA, Randy Nomura who graduated with his Masters in Administration from Southern this week.
  6. Prayer Meeting will resume Wednesday, January 8.
  7. The office will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday next week due to the holidays.
  8. I joined the CSC for their annual Christmas dinner and gift exchange last night. We have an amazing team with volunteers of all ages.
  9. I am told that you can still sign up for the Optimize the Brain seminar beginning January 9.  Please contact the church office to register. Optimize your brain flyer
  10. Pastor Jared is busy trying to find a place to rent here so he and his family can move to begin his ministry here in January. Please keep their search in your prayers.  He will speak and share his first Sabbath with us on Sabbath, January 11. dsc02298.jpg
  11. Priscilla Clark lost her husband to a sudden heart attack Thursday morning. Please keep her and the family in your prayers.  The memorial service for her husband Scott Clark will be Monday, January 6th at 7 p.m. at the church.  
  12. Charlene (Charlie) Palm, a member of our church for many years and mother of Jody Palm who has been a friend of the church, passed away this past Wednesday morning at Laughlin Rehab. Please keep Jody and the family in your prayers as well.  Charlene’s memorial service will also be announced at a later time.
  13. The school has invited an exchange student from the French Polynesian Islands who will serve as a translator during our school’s mission trip in April to come and visit our school. He arrived this week and was welcomed by the students.  He will worship with us this Sabbath.

May you have a blessed Sabbath and a very Merry Christmas!!!

In His service,

Pastor Jeremy

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