Friday, November 8, 2019

Dear Church Family,

How is your reading going in the Testimonies for the Church?   I hope well.  I was just reviewing some of my highlights from what’s been read and saw this section that I had highlighted almost entirely.  Such pertinent advice, advice I remember hearing early in my ministry here.

Some parents mistake in giving their children too much liberty. They sometimes have so much confidence in them that they do not see their faults. It is wrong to allow children, at some expense, to visit at a distance, unaccompanied by their parents or guardians. It has a wrong influence upon the children. They come to feel that they are of considerable consequence and that certain privileges belong to them, and if these are not granted, they think themselves abused. They refer to children who go and come, and have many privileges, while they have so few.egw-testimonies_9vol-set_large

And the mother, fearing that her children will think her unjust, gratifies their wishes, which in the end proves a great injury to them. Young visitors, who have not a parent’s watchful eye over them to see and correct their faults, often receive impressions which it will take months to remove. I was referred to cases of parents who had good, obedient children, and who, having the utmost confidence in certain families, trusted their children to go from them at a distance to visit these friends. From that time there was an entire change in the deportment and character of their children. Formerly they were contented and happy at home, and had no great desire to be much in the company of other young persons. When they return to their parents, restraint seems unjust, and home is like a prison to them. Such unwise movements of parents decide the character of their children.


By thus visiting, some children form attachments which prove their ruin in the end. Parents, keep your children with you if you can, and watch them with the deepest solicitude. When you let them visit at a distance from you, they feel that they are old enough to take care of and choose for themselves. When the young are thus left to themselves, their conversation is often upon subjects which will not refine or elevate them, or increase their love for the things of religion. The more they are permitted to visit, the greater will be their desire to go, and the less attractive will home seem to them.  1T 401-402

I remember receiving counsel along these lines from a family in the church that spent some time mentoring us as their kids were much older.  I asked a couple of their children who were older at this point how they felt about being with their parents and not being allowed to run around after church programs with their friends.  They stated how they once disliked it but grew over time to appreciate their parents’ wisdom in the matter.  They have since grown up to serve the Lord and their response has remained with me.

I heard a touching testimony this week of what an impact these readings are having on one of those who are participating in the plan.  The person said how they wished they had read these when they were a young parent for there is so much they wished they could have done differently.  I hope all our young families will make it a priority to read through these powerful books as they are so practical and applicable to all, especially families.  I know our family is enjoying the discussion it generates when we read together.  It is indeed a blessing.

In the news:

  1. This Sabbath we will wrap up our series on Esther with a fascinating final message entitled, “Behind the Scenes.”Esther
  2. The Cover / Lowry team will be hosting the fellowship lunch this Sabbath!
  3. The Meier family will lead out at 5 p.m. in AYA this Sabbath.
  4. Remember that we have Finance Committee at 6 p.m. on Monday and church board at 7:15 p.m. in the church fellowship hall.
  5. We will have our last Dinner with the Doctor for 2019 this coming Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. Rhonda Malina will be sharing with a topic entitled, “Comfort & Joy – How to thrive, not just survive, stress and emotions during the holidays.  Invite a friend and come enjoy the evening in the church fellowship hall.  To register, contact the church office.73460618_10212813265441081_7624111934505222144_n
  6. Fruit & Nut order deadline for school will be November 12.
  7. Remember our study on Peter continues this coming Wednesday at 10:30 and 6:30 p.m. at the church. We had our largest group yet I think this past Wednesday evening with rich fellowship and discussion. I hope you can join us.
  8. Shirley Walters fell during the night and broke her thigh bone. She is at Johnson City Medical Center and they are hoping to perform the operation this afternoon. Please keep her in your prayers.
  9. Also, please remember Darrell & Joyce Stills as they mourn the loss of her son, Vernon Norris. He passed away on Monday and a celebration of life service is planned for Tuesday, November 12 at 11 a.m. at the Lord’s Tabernacle Church of God church on Arnold Road.
  10. Milton’s brother passed away this week after being on Hospice. Please remember Milton & Ann as they each lost a brother within 11 days of each other.
  11. Just in case there is any confusion, we have resumed live streaming our services and while the stream is not on Facebook, you can access the stream via Youtube by clicking here.
  12. We are excited to have Andy Weaver join us next Sabbath to share his story.  Andy will share both Sabbath morning and Sabbath evening.  Here is a brief documentary about his Amish heritage, his family, and his ministry within the Amish community. 
  13. Looking ahead:
    1. Nov 17 – Church Budget Meeting at 8:30 a.m.  The finance committee is asked to attend.
    2. Nov 17 – ABC bookmobile will in the parking lot from 10-11 a.m.
    3. Nov 17 – GAA Talent Show @ 5 p.m. at the school gym. Supper will be available for purchase.
    4. Nov 18 – How To Gardening class at 6:30 p.m. presented by Dan Thomas. The topic will be on new methods of composting.

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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