Friday, November 1, 2019

Dear Church Family,

A quote from the Testimonies readings that caught my attention:

Satan and his host are making most powerful efforts to sway the minds of the children, and they must be treated with candor, Christian tenderness, and love. This will give you a strong influence over them, and they will feel that they can repose unlimited confidence in you. Throw around your children the charms of home and of your society. If you do this, they will not have so much desire for the society of young associates. Satan works through these, leading them to influence and corrupt the minds of one another. It is the most effectual way in which he can work. The young have a powerful influence over one another. Their conversation is not always choice and elevated. Evil communications are breathed into the ear, which, if not decidedly resisted, find a lodgment in the heart, take root, and spring up to bear fruit and corrupt good manners. Because of the evils now in the world, and the restriction necessary to be placed upon the children, parents should have double care to bind them to their hearts and let them see that they wish to make them happy.  1T 387-388

In the news:

  1. This Sabbath I will be sharing the morning message with another look at the book of Esther, part 6.  The Junior Choir and Chimes will also be participating in the service.Esther
  2. There will be a fellowship lunch this Sabbath and note that at the far back end of the fellowship hall there will be a special section closed off for the family of the Siepmans as they gather together for a special meal before the memorial service at 3 p.m.
  3. As we shared with you last Sabbath, Bruce Garrett passedIMG_8820 away suddenly with a heart attack after lunch last Sabbath afternoon. He was at church and stayed for lunch. After a short afternoon ride, he returned to Morning Point where he resided.  After he walked in the door, he sat down, and suffered a massive heart attack.  The doctor worked on him for a good while but sadly Bruce never recovered.  His memorial service will be this Sabbath afternoon at 3 p.m. at the church and doors will open at 2:30 p.m.  Also, remember the family in your prayers.
  4. AYA will feature a program led by the Neubrander family entitled, “Exceeding Great & Precious Promises.” Bring a Bible and join in at 6 p.m. this Sabbath.
  5. Last Sunday, there was an outdoor gathering for the memorial of Roxanne Shelton who passed away a week ago this Thursday. Please remember Stan as he grieves the loss of his wife and seeks to comprehend the reality of her passing.
  6. We enjoyed rich discussion and fellowship together on Wednesday discussing 1 Peter. It really becomes more family-like with time.  All are welcome to join in. We sing and pray together and study together.  A comment that resonated with me last week was one Glenda Ashlock shared.  She stated how in marriage, don’t be afraid to be the one who loves the most.  Simple words with a powerful point.  Remember we meet at two separate times for your convenience.  10:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. each Wednesday in the youth room.
  7. The school is taking citrus fruit orders for anyone interested. If you would like to place an order, please call 423.639.2011.
  8. Here is the latest update regarding Robert Hastings and his treatments.  Note that Janelle wrote this on Thursday:   I haven’t texted since last week, but I know everybody has been praying for Robert and the opportunity to get his medicine here in Greeneville in time for chemo on Monday. Through a crazy course of events, God has given us such a miraculous week this week.Until Wednesday, I did not even know the miracle that had already started. They did not have enough vincristine to finish his chemo out the last time, and by God’s Grace, and a small miracle, they found the last vile that he needed in Morristown. So that he was able to complete his first cycle. Just three days after his cycle it was announced that nobody newly diagnosed could start a vincristine cycle now until January 2020. God again, in his perfect timing Made sure that Robert had his first cycle before the announcement was made.But, I should tell you the emotional miracles 75439393_2640362252720784_615158201481953280_o (1)that we have had today. Miracle number one. Robert had a croupy cough, and we did a chest x-ray yesterday afternoon. Today, the results were back. Robert has no pneumonia at all. His left lower lobe has completely opened back up. And the biggest blessing and miracle, is that no mediastinal mass can be seen on the x-ray! God is so good! Thank you for your prayers! Miracle number two. One of Ery”s contacts at Erlanger gave our chemo unit here a number to the Pfizer representative. This is the only company left making the Vincristine that he needs. Through a marvelous miracle, the CEO approved the contract with Pfizer. Hopefully they will have the Vincristine here by tomorrow and if at the latest Monday in time for Robert’s chemo. Praise the Lord, it looks like he will get his chemotherapy in Greenville on Monday! God again is so good! We praise him hi, we praise him low, we praise him all around! What an awesome God we serve! We are still waiting for the final word about chemo in Greenville. We will know something for sure tomorrow. But, I know God has this.

    We thank each of you for your support, your love, and your prayers, for Robert and our family. Please hold Robert up tonight. His hair fell out, so he had to shave his head! Although, so many people have stepped forward to shave their heads in honor and support of Robert! It is so amazing to see how our friends, community, and loved ones are supporting us here. Thank you and thank you all again! We love you so much. Praise God!!!! 

    Some friends have set up a GO FUND ME account for those who wish to help out with the expenses associated with the medical bills.   Here is the link to that account.

  9. There is a sign-up sheet in the foyer at church for those who would like to participate again in the community Thanksgiving meal. You can find more details in this week’s bulletin.
  10. Our family enjoyed some wonderful time together as we vacation with both sets of parents up in New England and Canada. We also spent time reflecting and studying our history as a nation and as an Adventist church and was again amazed at the providence of God in our nation’s history.  Many precious memories were made together.  Here are a few pictures from our trip.
  11. Just a note as we begin to look ahead for the next year.
    1. There will be a 6 week series on how to Optimize Your Brain beginning in January. Watch for more details.
    2. Pastor Marcus Bates (Swearingen) will be speaking for our Feb/March Prophecy series. More details to come.
    3. Elder Pavel Goia will be our speaker for the Oaks Spring Church retreat, April 17 & 18.

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy