Friday, March 1, 2019

Dear Church Family,

As the prophecy series continues, I have been so encouraged by the excitement and effort of our volunteers.  I learned this week of how an enthusiastic couple whose been coming was invited by a couple in our church for Sabbath lunch.  Table hosts have been bringing treats for their guests to try at the meetings.  Lingering after the meeting to visit with guests.  I love the visiting that takes place prior to each evening’s presentation as people eat and talk.  I heard a table host last night explaining a Bible passage to a couple of eager and listening guests.  It’s just a beautiful sight to behold.   Notice these words:

The real character of the church is measured, not by the high profession she makes, not by the names enrolled upon the church book, but by what she is actually doing for the Master, by the number of her persevering, faithful workers. Personal interest and vigilant, individual effort will accomplish more for the cause of Christ than can be wrought by sermons or creeds.The Review and Herald, September 6, 1881

In the news:

  1. This Sabbath I will be sharing the message for the worship hour. Please help us welcome any guests from the meetings who come this Sabbath. I know of a few who plan to come and visit.  The following two Sabbaths after this Sabbath will be dedicated to prophecy presentations.
  2. Note that the fellowship hall is soon to be complete but isn’t quite ready for this Sabbath. So there will be no fellowship lunch this Sabbath and there will be a joint Sabbath school class in the sanctuary.
  3. AYA will be at 5:30 p.m this Sabbath. For nearly 20 years, ASI’s Youth For Jesus summer program has been inspiring many youth to live their lives for Jesus and give their lives to lead others to Him. This Sabbath, Evan Fox will share more about YFJ and testimonies from last summer’s program. AYA will begin at 5:30 p.m. For nearly 20 years, ASI’s Youth For Jesus summer program has been inspiring many youth to live their lives for Jesus and give their lives to lead others to Him. This Sabbath, Evan Fox will share more about YFJ and testimonies from last summer’s program.
  4. The upcoming OAKS RETREAT with Randy Skeete is April 13. RV and cabin reservations should be scheduled by March 16.
  5. The prophecy series is going well. Attendance is still good with around 30-40 attending. I don’t know the numbers from last night yet.  We have had guests responding to the appeals.  Prayers are appreciated as folks wrestle with what they have learned this week.  We have been out visiting and have had some very nice visits thus far.  Here is a response from one of the guests this week:

Thank you so much for clearing up for me about the Sabbath. I was right all the time about who changed it from Saturday to Sunday. Thank you so Much! So many people has it wrong  When I was 6-7 years old – stores was closed on God’s day. The Romans did it. I just needed proof. Thank you

  1. Here is a brief look at some of what’s coming in the next few weeks:
    • Friday, March 8 @ 6:30 p.m. – Fellowship Hall Dedication
    • Sat & Sun, March 16 & 17 @ 8 p.m. – Sustainable Garden Workshops with Dan Thomas
    • Mon, March 18 @ 6:30 p.m. – Gardening Workshop with Allan Kennedy
    • Sabbath, March 23 @ 11 a.m. – International Sabbath Service & Fellowship dinner.
    • Thurs, March 28 @ 6:30 p.m. – Juicing Class with Walt Cross
    • Sabbath, March 30 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
    • April 7-13 – Week of Prayer with Randy Skeete
    • Fri & Sab, April 12-13 – Oaks Retreat
  2. Lastly, Emil Constantine who some of you may remember as a member here long ago, passed away recently and his memorial service will be live streamed from the Centerville SDA Church this Sabbath at 4 p.m. EST
  3. Come to AYA March 9 at 5:00 pm and learn how God is working in “Loma Linda Campestre” in Colombia as they build a lifestyle center.  Learn how through agriculture, healthy eating and natural remedies people are being reached. Freddy and Connie Forero will be sharing about their ministry.
  4. Suranny shared the following report from their weekly small group. Are you interested in beginning a small group? IMG_2604The young adult small group which focuses on how to have meaningful devotions will continue tonight and for the next five weeks. Their meetings are at 208 W Summer St. Greeneville TN on Fridays at 7:00 pm.

    -Below is a picture from last Friday’s meeting. Five non-Adventist attended and pastor Alex has started a personal Bible study with one of them, the young man in the red shirt, his name is Eric. Eric has also been attending the prophecy seminars at the Crescent school. Eric and pastor Alex are already on lesson 9 of their Bible study series. Please pray that Eric continues listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit and when you see him at church make sure to say hi to him.
    -Barb (the lady next to Eric) and Brent (the young man on the left are also attending the prophecy seminars that pastor Jeremy is teaching. This is the second small group that Barb attends. She has also joined multiple social events that the Sarrias have organized for the young adults. 
    -Christian, the young man on the left has completed bible studies with pastor Alex and has now received a new package of personal Bible studies from Evan Fox. Please pray for Christian. He has attended the SDA church in the past, he loves the Lord and  is now serving as an assistant pastor at one of the local non-denominational churches in town.
    God is at work, please continue praying  for this young adults. Small group do bring people together, closer to each other and closer to Jesus! For more information on how to start your own small group, please contact pastor Jeremy or pastor Alex.

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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