Friday, February 1, 2019

Dear Church Family,

As we study the Exodus, I thought this quote from Patriarchs & Prophets was so beautiful and critical for our day as it relates to Jochebed, Moses’ mother.

She kept the boy as long as she could, but was obliged to give him up when he was about twelve years old. From his humble cabin home he was taken to the royal palace, to the daughter of Pharaoh, “and he became her son.” Yet even here he did not lose the impressions received in childhood. The lessons learned at his mother’s side could not be forgotten. They were a shield from the pride, the infidelity, and the vice that flourished amid the splendor of the court.

How far-reaching in its results was the influence of that one Hebrew woman, and she an exile and a slave! The whole future life of Moses, the great mission which he fulfilled as the leader of Israel, testifies to the importance of the work of the Christian mother. There is no other work that can equal this. To a very great extent the mother holds in her own hands the destiny of her children. She is dealing with developing minds and characters, working not alone for time, but for eternity. She is sowing seed that will spring up and bear fruit, either for good or for evil. She has not to paint a form of beauty upon canvas or to chisel it from marble, but to impress upon a human soul the image of the divine. Especially during their early years the responsibility rests upon her of forming the character of her children. The impressions now made upon their developing minds will remain with them all through life. Parents should direct the instruction and training of their children while very young, to the end that they may be Christians. They are placed in our care to be trained, not as heirs to the throne of an earthly empire, but as kings unto God, to reign through unending ages.     PP 243-244

In the news:

  1. This Sabbath we will continue our “Long Journey Home” series with a look at the plagues of Egypt.
  2. Note that this Sabbath we will feature Religious Liberty during our ministry focus time and there will also be an insert in the bulletin. We certainly live in a time when this issue is paramount and much support and prayer is needed.
  3. The Myers team will be hosting the fellowship meal this Sabbath. Note that there will not be any fellowship lunches for the next three Sabbath’s following this weekend as the fellowship hall will be closed due to the renovation project.
  4. AYA will feature a mission report from a missionary family serving in Cambodia.  Here is a little glimpse about this family.  My brother and I used to play hide and seek with Jonathan when we were kids.
  5. We only lack $1,843 in funds for the fellowship hall renovation project.
  6. Also note that after this Sabbath, we will have three Sabbath’s in which all those Sabbath school classes that usually meet in the fellowship hall will be invited to attend the class in the sanctuary. Thank you for your patience during this transition time.
  7. The upcoming Prophecy Countdown series is set to begin February 11 and we already have 48 pre-registered as of Friday noon.   Please keep this effort bathed in prayer as we prepare to share the 3 Angels Message with the community.  As you heard in the phone cast this morning, we have been asked to remove the yard signs from around town so if you see one, please help us by taking it and putting it in your car. Then either bring it to church on Sabbath or place it in your own yard if you live in a more visible location. PC-FacebookHeader
  8. There are several dishes on a table in the back of the church near the entrance that need to be picked up. Those not claimed will be donated.
  9. This Sabbath the following men will be ordained as deacons during the worship hour: James Shumaker, TJ Culler, Tony Koskovich, Keith Dotson, Max Wensell, John Hawkins, Dustin Neubrander, and Daniel Neubrander. To be a deacon is quite an honor and responsibility and Scripture places a high calling on such individuals who are called to hold the office. 
  10. There is a how-to class scheduled for this coming Monday at 6:30 p.m at the church. The class will look at how to prune fruit trees.  There is no need to register. Note that the class will be in the youth room, not the fellowship hall.
  11. Finance Committee will be at 6 p.m. this coming Wednesday and the Church Board will follow at 7:15 p.m.
  12. Diabetes Undone is entering its last week.  Please continue to keep it in prayer as it seeks to finish strong.
  13. Vegan Valley, owned and operated by the Highlands is looking to hire someone to work part-time.  If interested, please contact Greg Highland.
  14. Our GAA high schoolers left Wednesday with a small team of parents and church members for Kenya. They have safely arrived and covet your prayers as they work diligently.  Pastor Alex will be speaking for an evangelistic series there and they are conducting an eye clinic among other initiatives.  You can visit the GAA’s Facebook page or Instagram page for regular updates and pictures.    49948562_2170203759736638_7434113344518225920_n
  15. Brenda Walsh from 3ABN will be with us next Sabbath for the 11 o’clock worship hour and AYA.brenda-walsh-bio-photo-2017.jpg
  16. The Pathfinders will be having a supper and games at the school gym on February 16 after AYA. This is a fundraiser as they try to raise money for their trip to OshKosh.
  17. International Sabbath preparations are underway.   We want to give you the opportunity to participate in the “Parade of Nations” where you will wear attire representing your country and carry your nation’s flag in the parade (flags will be provided). The criteria for  participation is: 1) Member or a regular attendee of Greeneville SDA Church 2) Born outside of the United States or you have at least 50% ethnic heritage 3) Served as a long/short term in missionary work and you have the attire to represent the country & will also be able to participate. Call Kezia Finley at 501-590-6177.
  18. Our Ginger keeps growing, hair and all.  Her first haircut is soon to come!   Snapped this picture while she was out in the snow this week.1U7A6984

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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