Friday, November 9, 2018

Dear Church Family,

A powerful point from this week’s reading at Prayer Meeting  in Christ Object Lessons page 339:

Every soul is surrounded by an atmosphere of its own—an atmosphere, it may be, charged with the life-giving power of faith, courage, and hope, and sweet with the fragrance of love. Or it may be heavy and chill with the gloom of discontent and selfishness, or poisonous with the deadly taint of cherished sin. By the atmosphere surrounding us, every person with whom we come in contact is consciously or unconsciously affected.

In the news:

  1. The Young Adult Bible study on Relationships will continue tonight at the Sarria home at 7pm. Here’s a report from last week from Suranny: We had twelve young adult for the first day of the biblical relationships small group which met at pastor Alex’s house. Last Friday pastor Alex guided the group on a study on singleness.  Four of the attendees were non-Adventist. Tonight’s study will be lead by Evan Fox and the topic will be Biblical dating. Please continue to pray for this group. The young adults have mentioned how much they love this type of gathering!
  2. I will be sharing the message this Sabbath and while the bulletin states we will be enjoying music from many of the students at GAA, due to sickness the choirs and strings will instead share in next weeks worship service.  School was actually closed some this week due to so many kids being out sick.
  3. There will be a fellowship meal this Sabbath with the Myers team leading out.
  4. AYA will begin at 5pm at the CHURCH this Sabbath and will feature Adventist Frontier Missionaries James & Ellen Bright. You will hear stories and account of their work in the refugee camps of Iraq.  You will meet this couple during the ministry focus this Sabbath.
  5. The church finance committee will meet this Sunday to prepare the church budget for 2019.  We will meet at 8:30 AM at the church.
  6. The church board meets this Monday evening at 7:15 PM.
  7. Diabetes Undone wrapped up its fall program this week.  While small in attendance, it was still successful with a lady at our table losing 10lbs over the 4 weeks.  Thanks to Rhoda Kanna, Fred Myers and team for the great program.
  8. Next week we will have our annual Healthy Cooking for the Holidays dinner and cooking class.  It will be held on Tuesday, November 13 at 6:30 PM in the fellowship hall. Invite a friend to join you. Please register to attend with Brenda in the church office. Flyers are available from the center table in the foyer. Please take enough to distribute at your place of employment, etc.
  9. NOTE that the original program which was to be held at GAA has been postponed to next Sabbath, November 17. That program will feature music and will highlight the school’s Kenya mission trip.  A burger supper will follow vespers that night and proceeds will go for the mission trip.  A volleyball game will also take place after supper.
  10. The Nominating Committee met this week and finished their work and have submitted their report for the church to review. The report will be shared with this weeks bulletin and copies will also be available in the church foyer.  A vote will be taken on the 17th.  Please note that any concerns or questions need to be directed to the chairman of the committee, Dr. Fred Myers.
  11. Let’s remember those affected by the fires in California. Please keep everyone there in your prayers.
  12. We had a good turnout for our Gardening class on Monday. Thanks to Pam Picket & Mike Carlton for putting this together.Resized_20181105_184703
  13. Sunday evening many of us enjoyed the school Talent Show at the GAA Gym. We enjoyed fellowship and food together while the kids shared their talents.  It was inspiring to see how the whole first half of the show was dedicated to religious themes.  Here’s a picture of some of the kids singing together. resized_20181104_180302.jpeg
  14. This past weekend was perhaps the peak for Greene County with regards to fall colors. Enjoyed hiking on Sabbath and biking on Sunday with the boys while Tina was away for Pastors Wives Retreat at Cohutta Springs.

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath.

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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