Friday, October 19, 2018

Dear Church Family,

We are often called upon to pray for the sick.  In my readings this week I came across these words which serve as a helpful reminder to all of us of how to approach these important requests for prayer.   I would encourage you to check out the entire section on Praying for the Sick.

Praying for the sick is a most solemn thing, and we should not enter upon this work in any careless, hasty way. Examination should be made as to whether those who would be blessed with health have indulged in evil speaking, alienation, and dissension. Have they sowed discord among the brethren and sisters in the church? If these things have been committed, they should be confessed, before God and the church. When wrongs have been confessed, the subjects for prayer may be presented before God in earnestness and faith, as the Spirit of God may move upon you.

But it is not always safe to ask for (un?) conditional healing. Let your prayer include this thought, “Lord, Thou knowest every secret of the soul. Thou art acquainted with these persons, for Jesus their advocate gave His life for them. He loved them better than we possibly can. If therefore it is for Thy glory, and the good of these afflicted ones to raise them up to health, we ask in the name of Jesus, that health may be given them at this time.” . . .

Many will be laid away to sleep in Jesus before the fiery ordeal of the time of trouble shall come upon our world. This is another reason why we should say after our earnest petition, “Nevertheless, not my will, but Thine, O Lord, be done.” Such a petition will never be registered in heaven as a faithless prayer. . . .

In praying for the sick, we are to pray that if it be God’s will, they may be raised up, but if not, that He will give them His grace to comfort, His presence to sustain them in their suffering.

White, E. G. (1916). Spalding and Magan Collection (pp. 6–7). Leaves-Of-Autumn Books.

In the news:

  1. This Sabbath, we wish to welcome Jonathan IMG_6099Dietrich and his family who are missionaries from Chad. Jonathan will share the morning message this Sabbath!  There will be a fellowship lunch following the service with the Nelson team hosting.
  2. AYA will be at 5:30pm and will feature Gaby Phillips, the NAD Coordinator for Adventist Muslim Relations, sharing stories of how God is working through the NAD Muslim outreach initiative and ways you can get involved. Also, her husband, Marty Phillips, who is the president of Praxis International, will be sharing stories of how God is working in miraculous ways overseas through underground Christian home groups. You will be inspired and informed!
  3. There will be a BONFIRE at the Murray’s house this Saturday night at 7:30 pm for youth and young adults. Come and have a great time. Bring fingers foods to share with others and a friend! For questions contact pastor Alex or Suranny!
  4. The Appearing concluded this past Monday and the strong support we had from the church family was much appreciated. We had a few from the community attend and I must share one exciting story that came out of it.  One lady picked up an invite card from Salsa’s restaurant across the street.  She and her friend came over that very night for the opening presentation.  She came back Sabbath morning and stayed for fellowship lunch but due to prior commitments she had to miss Saturday night but made up that evenings presentation by coming early on Sunday to watch the missing presentation.  Then she decided to come to Diabetes Undone.
  5. Diabetes Undone began Tuesday night and while our attendance is small, we have some real enthusiasm from the guests. The lady who attended the Appearing is coming and was sharing last night how she felt warmth and love in this church and how she felt God’s leading in this.  Last night several of us enjoyed rich fellowship in the kitchen in something of an afterglow after the program was finished.  Stories were shared, tears were shed, and prayer was lifted up as two of the guests and some of the Diabetes Undone team lingered afterwards.  I think we all left moved by the experience last night.
  6. We wrapped up the directory photo shoot last Sunday. In addition, we gleaned many interviews with the church family in an effort to build better connectedness within the church body.   I found this to be very helpful and rewarding during the two weeks of shooting as I listened to the stories of so many of you.  This Sabbath we will begin sharing by featuring our first video vignette after the welcome on Sabbath morning!
  7. Remember to mark your calendars for Monday, November 5th when we have our “How To” Gardening 101 class. November’s class will focus on the do’s and don’ts of growing tomatoes and how to graft them.  The class will begin at 6:30pm in the fellowship hall.
  8. In response to requests for a choir and some singing, two dates have been selected for getting together. Practice will be Oct. 27, at 1:45 pm, after church potluck. Bring some food and eat together and then sing if you wish. Another practice will occur on Nov. 2, at 7:30 PM, at the church. Then the choir will sing on Sabbath, Nov. 3 at church. We have other dates but this will provide a good start.
  9. Again, just a reminder for all Loma Linda alumni:

To Loma Linda University alumni and friends: Dr. Roger Hadley, Dean of the School of Medicine and Rachelle Bussell, Senior Vice President for Advancement invite you to a Loma Linda Comes to You meeting on Sunday, November 4 at 9:30 a.m. at the General Morgan Inn, 111 N Main St, Greeneville, TN 37743. They will be sharing exciting updates from Loma Linda University Health. Brunch will be served. RSVP by Friday, November 2 to Eileen Rangel at 909-558-5360 or email We look forward to meeting you all!

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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