Friday, October 5, 2018

Dear Church Family,

I would like to highly encourage you to come out tonight for vespers at 7pm at the church.  These presentations this weekend deal with a very significant subject within the church which many refer to as Last Generation Theology. As one pastor put it, “Don’t judge a teaching by it’s abuse.”  With this subject, it’s certainly true for this subject has been abused by much extremism.  The infamous book from 1957, Questions on Doctrine created much confusion & division within the church on this subject.  Even if you are not sure what Last Generation Theology is about, you likely have been impacted by the teachings surrounding it.  Hope you can come out and hear the messages tonight and tomorrow as they will be well worth your time as the history and teachings surrounding it are addressed this weekend.

In the news:

  1. We are excited to have Dr. Norman McNulty here with us this weekend. NMcnultyHere is the schedule for his presentations:
    1. Friday, 7pm –  A Historical View of Last Generation Theology in Adventism
    2. Sabbath, 11am – Jesus and the Harvest of a Last Generation
    3. Sabbath, 2pm – Theological Underpinnings to Last Generation Theology
    4. Sabbath, 3pm – What the Last Generation Will Really Look Like
  2. There will be a fellowship meal this Sabbath which will be hosted by the Meier team.
  3. This Sabbath at church at 4:00 pm, right after the last afternoon presentation of Norman McNulty, our brother Jeffrey Piedra, will be recommitting his life to Jesus through baptism. He is the young man who shared his testimony at the end of the Battlefield Hollywood at last Sabbath’s AYA! Come, support and be blessed.
  4. Come and join Carson and Taylor Cross from 10 to 12pm on Sunday, October 7th at Amanda Robinson’s home for a brunch style baby shower.
  5. We began taking church directory photos earlier this week and will be taking them all next week including this Sunday and next. I would ask that you please contact the church office if you are not scheduled for pictures so we can make an appointment for you.  Remember we will supply you with the digital copies of your photos to do with as you wish.  We also include a brief video interview after each shoot to be used as a way of sharing within the church the stories and interests of one another to assist with building better community.  Here is a picture of the Smith’s sharing the other night at their appointment.Resized_20181002_202605
  6. For the last five weeks or so pastor Alex and a group of church members have been meeting to study the book of John. They not only study the Bible but also eat some delicious food together. This picture is from this past Wednesday at the Sarria’s home. If you are interested on being part of this small group or interested on starting your own small group contact pastor Alex or pastor Jeremy!IMG_4605
  7. The tea party was a complete success, thank God! The little girls of our church had a special time together. They decorated their own hats with ribbons and flowers, had tea and snacks, learned through a special story time that they are God’s precious master piece aka tea cups, played some games and looked adorable, which is not hard for them to do! We look forward to having more events like this one in the near future. Special thanks to Nuryhan and Steve Miller for hosting this event at their place.

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  8. We finished our Photography class last night and invited the class members to attend some our upcoming classes such as “The Appearing,” “Diabetes Undone,” and the Gardening class beginning the 1st Monday of November.
  9. Join us at the GAA gymnasium on Thursday, October 11​, 5:30-7:00 P.M. for A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM​! Come and meet some notable characters in history such as Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, Orville Wright, and many more! In this living museum, Kindergarten through high school students will be dressed in costume, equipped with knowledge and a presentation board of their character. Admission is free, but a veggie-hot dog supper may be purchased.
  10. Next Friday night and weekend we will feature “The Appearing” with Shawn Boonstra. There are invitation cards in the foyer to share with your friends and neighbors.  Please take advantage of this great opportunity at introducing friends and neighbors to Bible prophecy in a very introductory way.  The schedule for the appearing will be next Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday night at 7pm as well as Sabbath morning at 10:50am.  Note that Sabbath morning we will begin with a mini-concert with the Heralds Quartet!
  11. The Church Mission trip for 2019 is taking shape. The destination will be Peru and the dates are June 12-26.  Please contact me for more information and to be placed on the email list for updates.
  12. The next Diabetes Undone seminar will be held October 16 through November 8​, Tuesday and Thursday evenings beginning at 6:30 pm, in the Fellowship Hall. If you have diabetes and are looking to reverse the disease, or would like to avoid getting it entirely, this class is for you.Or if you know someone who would benefit from this seminar, please share a flyer with that person and consider accompanying them to the seminar. Flyers are on the table in the foyer for your convenience. For questions, please call Rhoda Kanna. 757-603-5551
  13. The Castro’s welcomed their new little boy this week!  Congratulations!
  14. We also welcomed a new little girl Resized_20180928_114151into our home last week.    Ginger is a 10 week old Goldendoodle.

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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