Friday, May 18, 2018

Dear Church Family,

I shared this in last weekend’s sermon and wanted to post it here since it is such a powerful quote.

The husband is the house-band of the home treasures, binding by his strong, earnest, devoted affection the members of the household, mother and children, together in the strongest bonds of union. It is for him to encourage, with cheerful words, the efforts of the mother in rearing her children.
The mother seldom appreciates her own work, and frequently sets so low an estimate upon her labor that she regards it as domestic drudgery. She goes through the same round day after day, week after week, with no special marked results. She cannot tell, at the close of the day, the many little things she has accomplished. Placed beside her husband’s achievement, she feels that she has done nothing worth mentioning.
The father frequently comes in with a self-satisfied air, and proudly recounts what he has accomplished during the day.… She has not done much except take care of the children, cook the meals, and keep the house in order. She has not acted the merchant, bought nor sold; she has not acted the farmer, in tilling the soil; she has not acted the mechanic—therefore she has done nothing to make her weary.…
Could the veil be withdrawn, and father and mother see as God sees the work of the day, and see how His infinite eye compares the work of the one with that of the other, they would be astonished at the heavenly revelation. The father would view his labors in a more modest light, while the mother would have new courage and energy to pursue her labor with wisdom, perseverance, and patience.
Now she knows its value. While the father has been dealing with the things which must perish and pass away, the mother has been dealing with developing minds and character, working, not only for time, but for eternity. Her work, if done faithfully in God, will be immortalized.—The Signs of the Times, September 13, 1877.

White, E. G. (1985). Reflecting Christ (p. 176). Review and Herald Publishing Association.

In the news:

  1. Pastor Alex will be sharing the message this Sabbath. PLEASE NOTE that the bulletin last week stated that we would have communion this Sabbath but that has been changed and will take place the following Sabbath, May 26, instead.
  2. There WILL BE a fellowship lunch this Sabbath with the Rojas team hosting.
  3. AYA will be at 8pm this Sabbath and will feature the Pathfinder Investiture service.  All are invited to attend.
  4. Enclosed in this week’s bulletin will be a pre-nomatinating committee form. We would ask that all church members please fill it out with names of members whom you would like to see serve on this committee.  Then place the form in the offering plate or submit it to the church office by Monday morning at 10am.  This committee will meet to nominate a nominating committee who will in turn nominate individuals for the various church offices. This process occurs every two years in our church. Please note that we are beginning this process early so that the pre-nominating committee can be approved and in place ready to meet at the beginning of August.
  5. We had a nice turn out at the Diabetes Undone dinner at the Kanna home.  A meal was shared along with recipes.  We enjoyed wonderful fellowship with one another.  Home based ministry is such a blessing.  Resized_20180515_191256
  6. Anyone interested in participating in a mission trip in the summer of 2019 is invited to attend a planning meeting on Thursday, May 24 at 6:30 pm in the church youth room. We will discuss and vote as a group where to go, fundraising, and will address other pertinent information regarding the trip.
  7. Evangelism Council will meet on Thursday, May 24 at 8:00pm.
  8. Just a reminder that we have this exciting event for the young men in our church.  See below for details.  adobe-spark-post (6)
  9. Suranny shared the following report with me today: Last Sabbath the Spanish group that meets in the youth room of our church hosted a Health Fair outside la Perla restaurant, both English and Spanish speaking patients were seen. Follow up has been made already with some of the health fair attendees.  We thank the doctors, nurses and volunteers who helped out.
  10.  Today a movie was released in theaters about Pope Francis.   I am not promoting the movie but thought this report from 60 Minutes was interesting.  He mentions the Sabbath in his presentation.
  11. The Newport Church wanted to invite our church family to join them for a skating party at the Hotwheels Skating Rink on 11E across from Ken’s Motors on Sunday, May 20th from 2-5.  This is being put on by the Newport church put the rink is open to the public so it will not be just SDA attendees. There is a fee for skate rental.
  12. Also, Shawn Dietrich sent me the following request:
    • We are in need of a couple car seats to borrow while our kids and grandkids are here. The car seats can be returned at the beginning of November after Jonathan and Melody return to Chad.
      Gideon is 40″ and 33 pounds.  He will be 5 in June.
      Liliana is 34″ and 25 pounds.  She will be 3 in September.
      Other items we are looking for are one crib mattress, and a couple fitted
      crib sheets for Liliana.

Blessings as you prepare for the Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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