Friday, April 20, 2018

Dear Church Family,

I wanted to share this powerful sermon from Elder Mark Finley with you.  He delivered it at this year’s General Conference Spring Council.  His sermon is well worth listening to.  The topic of his message was “Every Wind of Doctrine.”  This is interesting in light of a recent article that came out in the Review and Herald last week about the importance of remaining faithful to the teachings of Scripture.  I would also encourage you to read the article if you haven’t already.  The article concluded by saying, “Organizations, groups, or individuals that cannot affirm the 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and provide clear and unambiguous answers to the questions above should not expect endorsement from the organizations of the Church.”   Please take the time to listen to this important message from Elder Finley.  Note you can skip the preliminaries by skipping to the 18-minute marker.

In the news:

  1. This Sabbath I will be sharing the morning message.
  2. There will be a fellowship dinner this Sabbath following the service.
  3. Gordon and Lyn Marsa will share from their recent trip to Africa with the Maranatha team. This was Maranatha’s first project to Africa’s second smallest and poorest country. See the rainforest countryside and hear an amazing story of giving!  AYA will be at 7:30pm this Sabbath.
  4. Many of you responded to the appeal made on  Sabbath for extra help at the Community Service Center.  CSC leaders and volunteers are currently working at following up on the response and we are anxiously watching as God leads in this process.
  5. You are invited to a special musical vespers on Friday night, April 27 at 6PM. GAA and Ooltewah Adventist School (OAKS) will combine as a 60+ member band presenting music to welcome the Sabbath. Please note: This concert will precede our regular orchestra Friday night rehearsal.
  6. Again, please note that if you wish to participate in next weekend’s Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner program, you must submit your intentions this Sabbath.  A blue form was supplied in last week’s bulletin or you can contact Kathy Nomura.
  7. Suranny shared this picture from their Grow Group that has been meeting for the past 4 weeks. They are just over half way through their time together and are enjoying an immense blessing.  Not everyone was in the picture.  They have had one friend from the gym coming as well as some other young adults attending.  Have you considered beginning a group at your home or leading a group at a friends house.  It can prove to be a wonderful blessing for everyone involved. When we took our survey back in February, we had several willing to host a group but most of those interested in leading couldn’t begin yet.  Studies have proven clearly that Grow Groups are an essential component for healthy strong naturally growing churches. IMG_3269
  8. Tina and I invited our Diabetes Undone class to come over to our place this week for cooking demonstrations, supper and fellowship. We had a great time with a nice sized group and the response was very positive.  We showed them how to make chia oat pudding, homemade gluten patties, homemade oat/pecan burgers, vegan nacho cheese, vegan cheesecake, chocolate (carob)  monkey shakes, homemade durum pasta using fresh carrot juice, healthy vegan eggplant parmesan, vegan ranch dressing & mayo, and homemade bread. Everyone seemed to leave full and happy!   I was reminded again of the value of home-based ministry.
  9. Sherry Thomas is planning to offer a how-to class on how to organize your home more effectively on Monday, April 30. More details to come.
  10. Gary Brown who has been a member at Greeneville for some time now was married this past Sunday to Sherry Cantrell in a small service at the church.  Make sure to congratulate them when you see them.  Resized_20180415_132947
  11. The CSC is in desperate need of bath towels and hand towels but not washcloths.

Blessings as you prepare for the Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy


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