Friday, April 6, 2018

Dear Church Family,

Some words to remember:

The adversary of souls is not permitted to read the thoughts of men; but he is a keen observer, and he marks the words; he takes account of actions, and skillfully adapts his temptations to meet the cases of those who place themselves in his power. If we would labor to repress sinful thoughts and feelings, giving them no expression in words or actions, Satan would be defeated; for he could not prepare his specious temptations to meet the case. But how often do professed Christians, by their lack of self-control, open the door to the adversary of souls!—The Review and Herald, March 22, 1887.

As we are not our own, as we are bought with a price, it is the duty of everyone who professes to be a Christian to keep his thoughts under the control of reason and oblige himself to be cheerful and happy. However bitter may be the cause of his grief, he should cultivate a spirit of rest and quietude in God. The restfulness which is in Christ Jesus, the peace of Christ, how precious, how healing its influence, how soothing to the oppressed soul! However dark his prospects, let him cherish a spirit to hope for good. While nothing is gained by despondency, much is lost. While cheerfulness and a calm resignation and peace will make others happy and healthy, it will be of the greatest benefit to oneself. Sadness and talking of disagreeable things is encouraging the disagreeable scenes, bringing back upon oneself the disagreeable effect. God wants us to forget all these—not look down but up, up!—Lt 1, 1883.

In the news:

  1. Tonight at 7pm, Eric Wilson will begin our Oaks retreat with a message entitled, “The Serpent’s Whisper, Spiritualism in Our Modern World!” Remember everything will be at the Oaks and all the programming information can be seen by clicking here.Greeneville SDA - April 2018
  2. Just some points to remember regarding tomorrow:
    • Dress is casual.
    • Bring a cushion or chair if you find metal chairs too hard.
    • Sabbath School begins at 10am and there will be children’s divisions.
    • Remember to bring food for fellowship dinner but remember there is really not much in the way of refrigerators and ovens so bring a cooler if needed. Also, please make sure your serving spoons and dishes are labeled with your name on it.
    • There will be seminars from Eric in the afternoon as well as a musical jam session so if you wish to play with the musicians, bring your instrument.
    • Supper is provided by the church and will be at 5pm.
    • AYA will be at the Oaks and will begin at 6:30pm with Eric presenting his final message.
  3. Remember that there will be a Secret Sister Brunch this Sunday in the fellowship hall at the church.  Call Brenda Ondrejka for more information.
  4. There will be a finance and church board meeting this Monday evening at the church.
  5. This coming Tuesday evening, we will have another Dinner with the Doctor program. Brad Emde, O.D. will be speaking on the eyes.  Remember to pre-register with the church office and bring a friend.
  6. Raceway Ministries is in need of cookies again for their upcoming outreach event. Two chocolate chip cookies with no nuts in each little bag and the labels for each bag can be secured in the church office.  Contrary to what the bulletin says, you must have these in by Tuesday at 11am next week.
  7. The church office will be closed next week on Wednesday and Thursday as Brenda takes some time off.
  8. Our 2nd annual church camp out will be held at Cades Cove on the last weekend of July (27-29.)  We had a great response last year and everyone seemed to appreciate the time together out in nature.  There will still be regular services at the church for those who do not attend but if you wish to attend this year’s camp out, please make your reservations now as sites will fill up. We are inviting everyone to try and book their reservation in the B 1-39 loop or if full, the C loop.  That way we can be as close together as possible. Click here to make your reservations now as sites can go quickly.  Here are some pics from last year’s trip. 

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  9. There will be a baby shower for Ashley Cross Koskovich, Walt & Mary Lou Cross’s daughter, this Sunday from 1-3pm at Dave Ondrejka senior’s home on April 15. Note the location change from what was posted in the bulletin.
  10. We had a great time at the International Food Fair at the school last night.  Amazing food and hard to choose.  Here are some pictures from the evening. 

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  11. Save the Date – Ooltewah Adventist School (OAKS) will be joining our GAA band for a combined band clinic and concert on Friday, April 27. More details are forthcoming.
  12. The school had their week of prayer led by the Student Association officers. The theme was on the Armor of God and they involved the student body with activities and challenges and provided a skit each day on a Bible story. Each skit was written by the students themselves. Then I would close with a few thoughts on the topic.  The students did an amazing job! 

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  13. Sy Gallimore is serving as a student missionary over in Pohnpei and sent this video as an invite for anyone who wishes to participate in helping the Adventist School gather some good reading material for their students.  Way to go Sy in making a difference! 

Blessings as you prepare for the Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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