Friday, March 2, 2018

Dear Church Family,

Romans 12:2 reads:  And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

As spring nears, I thought the following fact was intriguing.  Did you know that the chickadee learns a new song every spring and that while it is learning the new song, scientist have discovered that it’s little brain is developing new brain cells?   It’s a fascinating revelation and yet part of me is most impressed that God created a little bird that would sing a new song each spring!   Of course, it is also exciting to know that by exercising our physical bodies and exercising our minds through study, we can literally grow our brains.  This is important because research shows that beginning around the age of 40, our brains typically shrink in volume by 5% over every decade of life and this can accelerate around the age of 70.    May we continue to exercise our bodies and minds for God that we may develop “new songs” of praise to offer up to our Creator & Redeemer.

The following story illustrates the good news of what was shared above:

There was a nun named Sister Bernadette who died of a heart attack at age eighty-five in the mid-1990s. Along with more than six hundred other nuns, she donated her brain to science as part of an ongoing study conducted by epidemiologist David Snowdon, who memorialized the School Sisters of Notre Dame, in Mankato, Minnesota, in his inspiring book, Aging with Grace. The nuns constantly challenge their minds, with vocabulary quizzes, mental puzzles, and debates about public issues, and many of them live to be one hundred or more. The interesting thing about Sister Bernadette is that she scored in the ninetieth percentile on cognitive tests right up until she died, but when her brain was examined postmortem, it showed massive damage from Alzheimer’s disease. Tissue from her hippocampus to her cortex was riddled with plaque and neurofibrillary tangles to the most extensive degree, and she also carried the ApoE4 gene variant. In other words, she should have been utterly lost to the ravages of dementia. Yet despite the damage in her brain, she remained mentally sharp.

The above information was taken from the book “Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain” by John Ratey and published in 2008.

In the news:

  1. I will be sharing the message this Sabbath. There will be a fellowship dinner with the Rojas’ team hosting.
  2. Paula Haynes who until recently was a member at Greeneville will be with us for AYA this week with a report on how God has worked in her life and the future ministry plans he has called her to. AYA will be at 5:30pm.
  3. We enjoyed a special Sabbath last weekend with baptisms and re-baptisms from the meetings with Eric. We still have many souls who need our support and prayer as they wrestle with the Bible truths they have just heard.   In the pictures below you will see that Paul & Shirley Walters were rebaptized and Roger & Karin Coutant and Patricia Ford were baptized. 

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  4. Last Saturday night we enjoyed rich fellowship and good food together as we closed the Sabbath, ate together, and said farewell to Eric Flickinger. Here is a picture from the worship that Dennis Silva led out in that highlighted ways to make Sabbath special for the family. Resized_20180224_175855
  5. This past Wednesday evening we had our Bible marking class gather and shared ways to mark your Bible. We also highlighted several resources including a couple of Bible Marking Guides (click here & here ) and this helpful Bible in a Year reading plan that breaks the weekly reading schedule up by category so that you enjoy a variety of Bible subjects each week.  Check out the links for more info.
  6. This coming Wednesday we are beginning a new series entitled, “The Parables of Christ.” Milton Siepman will lead the morning study at 10:30 am and I will lead the evening study at 6:30 pm.  This will be a 13 week series and will end around the last week of May.  Both classes will meet in the church fellowship hall.
  7. We had a great turn out for Diabetes Undone. We had 19 guests, 15 of which are from the community.Resized_20180301_183827Resized_20180301_191414(1)
  8. Jesse Felan as some of you know was rushed to the hospital Sabbath during Sabbath School and discovered he had pneumonia. Spoke with him this morning and he is recovering nicely and has been home since Tuesday evening.
  9. Stan Shelton had a hernia repair yesterday and is home recovering. I know he and Roxeanne appreciate your prayers and encouragement.
  10. A small group of us went to Nashville yesterday to share in an anointing for Peggy West who is undergoing cancer treatment at Sara Cannon Medical Center. She seemed to be doing well all things considered.  She appreciates your prayers and should you wish to send her a note or card: you may send it to Peggy West ℅ Suzy Rodgers, 6908 Guffee Terrace, College Grove, TN 37046
  11. The Moldova Mission team is enjoying a successful trip and appears to be having a wonderful time with the people of eastern Europe. Your prayers are appreciated.  They will be returning late next Thursday.  Check out It Is Written for more stories, pictures, and updates from the trip.

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  12. The Junior SS Class is trying to raise money to rescue at least one girl from the trafficking industry in India. They are working through Child Impact, and want to raise at least $1500-$2000. There are at least 3 ways you can help: 1) Request a Rescue Jar to place in your business for donations, 2) make a donation (note that donations over $25 will receive a handmade plaque or set of prayer/Bible cards), 3) Pray for the kids who contact people for support. For questions please see Esther Murray (281)352-4867 or Laurie Cover (423) 613-1116.

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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