Friday, February 16, 2018

Dear Church Family,


Eric Flickinger has offered to stay for some additional time to allow for some additional material and time to be spent in preparing for the conclusion of the series.  He will be thus staying for Thursday, the 22nd of February to hold a final evening meeting and then on Sabbath the 24th he will be present for the baptisms and graduation of Bible students in the Bible school.  Then we are planning a farewell celebration on Sabbath evening the 24th at the school gym.   This will be a church social for the whole church to attend. AYA will be at 5:30pm at the school gym and then a haystack supper will be provided and some games that will afford us the chance to get better acquainted with the new members and interests who have been attending the meetings.  Please mark your calendar for the prophecy meetings on Tuesday and Thursday next week and the special Sabbath of the 24th.  There will be a fellowship dinner next Sabbath too.  With spring break and the mission trip, we are hoping we can still have a good crowd for these special and important events. 

In the news:

  1. Tomorrow will essentially be a repeat of last Sabbath as far as service format. The following reminders are still in order for this Sabbath as we seek to make sure they receive their materials!
  • IMPORTANT: We are asking that all those who have been regularly attending the meetings, along with the table hosts and guests, to please sit in the two middle sections of the church and those who haven’t been able to attend regularly to please sit on the side sections. This will mean a shift for many from where you normally sit but we are trying to keep the guests connected with their hosts and comfortable. Your cooperation with this small matter is helpful and appreciated.
  • At the request of our evangelist Eric, we will not be having bulletins this Sabbath due to the fact that we are dedicating the worship hour to the evangelistic program. We will also have a simplified service that is dedicated to the sermon. We plan to resume with church bulletins and a traditional worship format on the 24th.
  • We would invite you to join us for fellowship dinner this Sabbath as we anticipate many guests from the meetings to attend. This will offer a good opportunity for our guests to get acquainted with new faces at the church.  We will be dismissing by tables this Sabbath so as to keep the guests connected with those with whom they end up sitting with.  Also please help us ensure that all guests are seated at a table and not left to sit along the wall.
  1. AYA this week will be at 5pm with Pastor Alex leading out.  adobe-spark-post (1)
  2. I am sad to inform you that Jerry Cohen passed away on Wednesday at 5:45pm. Let’s remember Patti & Steve in our prayers.  Riverview is needing a volunteer or two who would be willing to help with serving at the dinner following the funeral. Contact Ester Sias if you are willing.
  3. Kathy Frost, our Religious Liberty representative, shares the following with us this week. Our offerings to date, for the support of Liberty Magazine, are less than half of what our church contributed last year.  As we see our religious freedoms disappearing, it is imperative that we seize the opportunity of giving to support this ministry.  Please give prayerful consideration for your offering as God leads you. Simply mark your tithe envelope, “Religious Liberty” and your amount.  Make your check payable to the church. Thank you to each one who has faithfully supported Liberty Magazine.
  4. Imitators had a wonderful turn out for their Valentine’s dinner last Saturday night. Pastor Alex & Suranny led out with the Miller family hosting.  Here are some pictures from the special evening.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  5. Remember that this coming Wednesday, our highschool students at GAA will be headed to Moldova to serve. Please keep them and the rest of the team in your prayers that they will be a blessing and return to us safely.

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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