Friday, November 10, 2017

Dear Church Family,

Words to remember:

The Spirit illumines our darkness, informs our ignorance, and helps us in our manifold necessities. But the mind must be constantly going out after God. If worldliness is allowed to come in, if we have no desire to pray, no desire to commune with Him who is the source of strength and wisdom, the Spirit will not abide with us.—Our High Calling, 154 (1904).

In the news:

  1. This Sabbath Pastor Alex will be sharing the morning message with a sermon entitled, “The Contagious Christian.”
  2. Fellowship dinner this week will be hosted by the Cross team.
  3. Pastor Alex & Suranny will be presenting AYA again this week with a look at “The Jesus Way.”  AYA will be at 5pm.
  4. Imitators will have a social this Saturday evening at 7pm at the Murray’s home.
  5. Diabetes Undone finished this week with great results. For example, one gentleman had his blood sugar come down by 200 points.  Tina served as one of the table hosts and we are having the folks from her table over for supper in a few weeks to celebrate. The date has been set.
  6. Monday night we had a great turn out for the Chef Mark Anthony cooking show. It was a great show with informative information and great food.  Here are a couple of pictures form the evening.
  7. Note that our finance committee and church board have been rescheduled due in part to the need to review the budget when it is drafted on the 19th. The new date for the board and finance committee will be Monday, November 27th.
  8. You will notice in this week’s bulletin that the flower arrangement this Sabbath is in honor of the 40 years of service that Dr. Fred Myers has given at Takoma Regional hospital. If I understand correctly, his retirement begins November 12th.
  9. The third annual Healthy Cooking for the Holidays banquet and cooking seminar will be this coming Tuesday, November 14, at 6:30pm. This is an excellent outreach opportunity to which to invite someone to attend with you. Please call the church office, 638-5014, to reserve your seat. A small fee will be charged to cover the cost of the meal.
  10. Just a reminder that Wildwood will be with us next weekend for a training event. I am including their flyer again with the seminar schedule.  As we sense the nearness of Christ’s coming, let us be vigilant in heralding the everlasting gospel to the world.wildwood
  11. Last Sabbath I shared a story at the end of the sermon about a painting and Amanda Robinson sang following the story. I wanted to share the painting with you since I didn’t show it at the time.  Watch the video to below to hear the story again and to enjoy the beautiful song that Amanda sang for us. 
  12. I know I shared this last week but am hopeful everyone who possibly can will attend.   They ask that we RSVP if possible as they are planning to provide supper.  There is something for nearly every person who is involved in some form of ministry at the church.  Ministry training

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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