Friday, September 29, 2017

Dear Church Family,

Notice these beautiful words:

The question will come up, How is it? Is it by conditions that we receive salvation? Never by conditions do we come to Christ. And if we come to Christ, then what is the condition? The condition is that by living faith we lay hold wholly and entirely upon the merits of the blood of a crucified and risen Saviour. When we do that, then we work the works of righteousness. But when God is calling the sinner in our world, and inviting him, there is no condition there; he is drawn by the invitation of Christ and it is not, “Now you have got to respond in order to come to God.” The sinner comes, and as he comes and views Christ elevated upon that cross of Calvary, which God impresses upon his mind, there is a love beyond anything that is imagined that he has taken hold of. And what then? As he beholds that love, why he says that he is a sinner. Well, then, what is sin? Why at once he has to come here to find out. There is no definition given in our world but that transgression is the transgression of the law; and therefore he finds out what sin is. And there is repentance toward God; and what then?—why, faith toward our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ that can speak pardon to the transgressor.

The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials. (1987). (p. 537). Ellen G. White Estate.

In the news:

  1. Tomorrow we will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper together.  Let us prepare our hearts for this sacred service.  GAA Handbells and Senior choir will also be participating in the service tomorrow. Should be a special Sabbath indeed.
  2. AYA will be at the GAA Gym tomorrow night at 6:30pm and will feature music from the GAA students. There will then be a fundraiser for the trip.  They will be selling burgers and the trimmings and a love offering will be collected. See this week’s bulletin insert for more details.
  3. The Pathfinders will be camping out behind the church this weekend! We wanted you to not be too surprised by the tents and such behind the church this coming Sabbath!
  4. This Wednesday evening there will be an evangelism subcommittee at 7:30pm at the church. All committee members are asked to attend as we prepare our report for the upcoming board meeting.
  5. This Thursday we have a couple of “How To” classes being offered which offers you a chance to bring a friend. Thursday morning there will be a Scripture Memorization class at 10:30am at the church with Debbie Christiensen.  If you would like some helpful tips and encouragement in how to memorize Scripture more effectively, come.  Then at 6pm, Brenda Chalfant will have a class on Essential Oils.  Again, these “How To” classes are designed to provide opportunities for our members to invite friends who share a common interest.  Please take advantage of these opportunities.
  6. Our next DINNER WITH THE DOCTOR, October 10 at 6:30, will be featuring guest physician, Aysha Inankur, M.D. Endocrinologist. Her topic is, “Preventing and Treating Thyroid Disease.” You can see this week’s bulletin insert for details. Please pre-register by calling the church office, 638-5014. This is a great opportunity to bring a friend.
  7. Our HEALTH MINISTRIES will be hosting its fourth, Diabetes Undone program, October 17 – November 9. Their meetings will be on Tuesdays & Thursdays. It is not too late to register for this seminar by contacting Rhoda Kanna, 757-603- 5551. See this week’s bulletin insert for details. This program will not only teach you how to prevent or reverse diabetes, but increase your knowledge of how to achieve optimum health. Sign up and invite someone to attend with you!
  8. In light of what was shared during Sabbath school last Sabbath, I thought the following article would prove helpful for those who have questions or were a bit confused by the presentation.
  9. I thought this was an interesting article that illustrates that the wound mentioned in Revelation 13 is rapidly healing.
  10. Looking ahead, we have a special Voice of Prophecy program coming up at the end of the month. As you know this October 31 marks the 500th anniversary of Luther’s 95 Theses.  We will be celebrating by showing the VOP Pale Horse Rides 3 part series at church.  The program will consist of a half hour video segment where Pastor Shawn Boonstra will present a fascinating account of church history.  Then our own Chuck Reese will lead out for the other half hour by taking us into the Word of God. These presentations will be Friday, Oct 27 at 7pm, Sabbath, Oct 28 at 11am and 6:30pm.  Please prayerfully consider who you might bring to enjoy the program. Click here to view the promotional video.

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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