Friday, September 22, 2017

Dear Church Family,

In my reading this week, I read the following statement that I thought nicely depicted true repentance.

We must correctly distinguish regret, remorse, and true repentance. Regret is an activity of the mind; whenever we remember what we’ve done, we ask ourselves, “Why did I do that?” Remorse includes both the heart and the mind, and we feel disgust and pain, but we don’t change our ways. But true repentance includes the mind, the heart, and the will. We change our mind about our sins and agree with what God says about them; we abhor ourselves because of what we have done; and we deliberately turn from our sin and turn to the Lord for His mercy. 

Wiersbe, W. W. (2000). Be reverent (p. 149). Colorado Springs, CO: Chariot Victor/Cook Communications.

In the news:

  1. Tonight begins our NE TN camp meeting at the Oaks. Remember that there will be NO SERVICES at the church this Sabbath as everyone is invited to attend camp meeting.   Click here for the schedule of events.
  2. Just a reminder that there will be fellowship dinner on Sabbath at the Oaks so plan to bring food and enjoy the fellowship. The Georgia-Cumberland conference will provide supper Sabbath evening.
  3. There will be an elder’s meeting this Sunday at our home at 5:30pm. All Elder’s are invited to attend.
  4. Pastor Alex & I visited with Tom Culler this week and were encouraged by his strong faith.  He covets your prayers though as they seek to treat his cancer.  Also, he appreciates your prayers for Vicki who is beginning cardiac rehab.
  5. Please remember in prayer all the victims of the recent hurricane in Peurto Rico as well as those working to clean up from Harvey & Irma.
  6. Just a reminder that the following weekend we will celebrate communion during the worship hour.
  7. A week from this Sabbath, September 30, AYA will be at the school with a fundraiser dinner for the Moldova trip to follow. All are invited. The menu for the evening will be a veggie burger, baked beans, chips, and a homemade cookie for dessert.  There will also be a love offering collected.
  8. And now something just for fun.  I came across this bug on my car the other day when I was leaving and took a picture which I have posted below. Later I looked it up with the boys to learn more about it. I didn’t know this and thought you might find it interesting too!  Wikipedia says that: “the bite of a wheel bug is generally considered to be of greater severity in terms of the level and duration of pain than the sting of common insects like wasps.  The resulting wound is documented to be extremely painful, lasting, and lingering, accompanied by an unceasing numbness which can persist for days. These effects can be avoided by handling the docile insect with gloves. The bite is not considered highly poisonous and therefore is not serious in the short-term.  ]Furthermore, the vicinity of the injury is known to become heated and irritated. A white crust sometimes forms around the wound during the healing process, though it eventually deteriorates, leaving the small puncture wound visible. Discomfort may last a fortnight or for up to more than half of a calendar year in some cases.                  Click here for more info on the Wheel Bug.Resized_20170915_173026-01

Blessings as you prepare for the upcoming Sabbath and the NE TN campmeeting at the Oaks.

In His service,

Pastor Jeremy

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