Friday, July 21, 2017

Dear Church Family,

It is a great thing to be right with God, the soul in harmony with its Maker. Amid the contagion of evil example, which by its deceitful appearance would lure the soul from duty, angels will be sent to our rescue. But if we invite temptation, we can not have divine aid to keep us from being overcome. The three worthies endured the fiery furnace, for Jesus walked with them amid the flames. If they had, of themselves, walked into the fire, they would have been consumed. Thus it will be with us. If we do not deliberately go into temptation, God will sustain us when the temptation comes.

White, E. G. (n.d.). The Signs of the Times (p. 1892).

In the news:

  1. Vacation Bible School was a great success with 93 having registered and an average attendance of 80.  We had several children from the community attend as well which is very exciting.  We’ve had a great team of volunteers again this year with Angela Emde leading out.  There will be a closing program tonight at 6 pm at the church.  All are invited to attend. 2017072195114858.jpg
  2. This Sabbath I will be sharing the morning message with a sermon entitled, “A One Word Resume.”
  3. There will be a fellowship dinner this Sabbath as well with the Cross team hosting. Remember all members who participate in fellowship meals are asked to bring enough food for their family and another family of like size to ensure we have plenty for our guests.
  4. AYA this week will feature Chris Small highlighting stories from the reformation. AYA will be at 7:30pm this Sabbath.
  5. There will be a school board meeting this Thursday evening at 5:30pm for all school board members.
  6. Speaking of school, registration is Wednesday, August 2 from 4-7pm at the school gym.
  7. Just a reminder that there will be a church camp out next weekend at Cades Cove. Here are a few reminders pertaining to the camp out:
    • Make sure you reserve your camping spot for July 28-30 by visiting this link.
    • Just a reminder that everyone is on their own for food.
    • We will have our first gathering on Friday night at the Methodist Church along the loop at 7:30pm for Friday night vespers.
    • Sabbath morning for those interested, some of us will head out for a bike ride around the loop at sunrise which is at 6:41am. We will meet at 6:40am at the entrance to the loop in the parking lot area.  It will be cooler at this time and will provide us a better chance at seeing wildlife.  The loop is 11 miles I believe but there are shortcuts along the way if you get tired.
    • The morning worship service will be at the Methodist church at 11am on Sabbath morning along the loop. Dress is casual.
    • More activities will be announced at the camp out. We will have a special guest speaker with us who will also lead out in some afternoon activities for those interested.
  8. Looking ahead, another church social is coming up on August 6 from 4-7pm. The social committee is planning a luau at the Christensen home. More details will be forthcoming.
  9. Jolene Thurlow passed away this past Tuesday and her memorial service is scheduled for this Sunday at 2pm at the Kiser Rose Hill Funeral home next to the church. All are welcome. Please continue to keep the family in prayer.
  10. Speaking of prayer, there are many others that need prayer as well.
    • James Austin is struggling with cancer right now and is now under hospice care.  This is the husband of Mary Ruth Austin.
    • Jerry Cohen had a successful surgery yesterday and is scheduled to remain in the hospital for 7 to 10 days. This is the beginning of a long process in his battle with cancer.
    • Remember Ken & Jan Martin as he continues treatments for his cancer.
    • Amanda Bridges dad is battling the same type of cancer that Ken is and appreciates prayers as well.
    • Norma and Yvonne Wannamaker are continuing to recover from the car crash they were in last week. They appreciate your prayers.
    • Bethae Luttrell was in the hospital this week at Takoma after having surgery on Monday.
    • Anna Green is still recovering from a fall and is waiting for new hearing aids. Saw her this week and she appreciates your prayers.
    • Sandra Lindsley family as they grieve her sudden death from the car crash last Sunday.
    • Elizabeth Odum has another test coming up August 1 to see if they can find what has been causing her such pain.
    • I know of at least one silent request that involves a test for cancer. They will be visiting the hospital next week for a procedure.
    • And the list goes on but this gives you an idea of some of the needs for prayer in our church right now.
  11. Just a reminder that the CSC is looking for a new director to take Elder Coonley’s place as he is set to retire from the directorship this coming January.
  12. Also I want to invite you to pray for our Junior Sabbath School class as they are preparing to hand out literature and pray with people at Wal Mart this coming Sabbath afternoon.
  13. Our visiting colporters finish up today and have acquired several Bible studies and have been distributing to those interested the first Thunder in the Holy Land DVD which contains the first four presentations. We appreciate their work and if you are interested in taking and giving a Bible study to one of the new interests, let us know ASAP! 
  14. Just a reminder that we need volutneers including medical professionals to assist with the health ministry van at the Greene County fair as well as the school booth.  You will find some sign up sheets  in the foyer at church for the health ministry booth and you can contact Fred Myers or Aubrey Shoemaker if you can help at the school booth.
  15. A reminder that we have a nine day evangelistic series coming up September 8-16.  Katie Jane Emde and Jesse Felan will be the speakers and others students from our school will be involved as well in health presentations and the like.  Please keep these preparations in prayer and be considering who you might invite to this series to be held at our church.

Blessings as you prepare for the Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy


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