Friday, July 7, 2017

Dear Church Family,

Our Community Services Center is facing some enormous challenges right now as their volunteer base has significantly diminished over the last few months due to mainly health related issues.  We are also currently looking for a new leader for the coming year as Elder Coonley & Dr. Turk are unable to continue beyond this year.  One of the big needs currently is for volunteers to come in during the week to sort and process the clothes that come in on a regular basis.  Volunteers are appreciated on Tuesday mornings but the biggest need currently is for folks to come in anytime during the week to sort and process clothes. Please contact Elder Coonley if you are able to volunteer and relieve some of the stress from the current team of volunteers.  This is an amazing ministry that we would hate to lose.

In the news:

  1. This Sabbath Pastor Alex will share the sermon with a message entitled, “Out of the Depths.” There will also be a fellowship dinner this week with the Reese/Chalfant Team hosting.
  2. AYA will be at 8pm this Sabbath and Dennis Silva is in charge. Here’s what he has planned, “Time flys when you’re having fun! But, it’s time for a second AYA in a  series of threel.  You’ve maybe been to the first one about a month ago, but if you haven’t there is still time to get in on the fun and action.  Let’s put Christ in the middle of this fun, and build up some more points to win some exciting spiritual prizes.  They will help you win the ultimate prize–eternal life.  Once again, kids bring your mom and dad, grandma and grandpa and come close the Sabbath with us.”
  3. Pastor Alex & Surrany have two special events planned for our youth and adults this Sunday evening. The teen girls have a special spa evening planned at the Christiensen home at 6pm.  Then the teen men and adult men have a special hike and picnic planned at Margarette Falls beginning at 5pm.  Note that the men are to bring their own snacks and sandwiches for the picnic.
  4. Also, this Thursday, July 13 there will be a door to door outreach imitative led by Pastor Alex.  Everyone is asked to meet at the church at 6PM for a quick training (30 min or less on surveys, praying, and handing out literature) and be done with the outreach by 7:30 PM. The outreach will take place in our church neighborhood area. There are only 20 spots available. RSVP by calling or texting Pastor Alex (678) 707-9465 or calling our church office.
  5. VBS is just over a week away. July 17-21 are the dates and it’s time to extend those invitations to your friends and neighbors.  We always have a great program.  The time for VBS will be from 9-12.
  6. Looking ahead, we have our church camp out planned for the weekend of July 28-30. We will hold our camp out at Cades Cove and have a naturalist coming to speak on Sabbath and share some survival principles with us.  We will be having Friday night & Sabbath morning worship in one of the old churches along the loop.  Some have asked if it would be ok to just come for the day and the answer is yes. Just wear comfortable hiking clothes and bring a picnic.  You might bring some outdoor chairs as well. Register your camp site today by visiting this link.
  7. Vincent & Jenny Pileggi appreciate your prayers as Vincent struggles for life. Having visited him at Johnson City Medical Center yesterday and talked with Jenny, the prognosis doesn’t look good. Your prayers are very much needed in this difficult time.
  8. This August our church will be participating in the Greene County Fair again. We will be involved at two separate venues. One is sponsored by our health ministries and will feature the NEWSTART Van.  Sign up sheets will be in the foyer this Sabbath for those interested in signing up to help.  There will also be a booth for our school.  To assist here you can sign up by calling Fred Myers or Aubrey Shoemaker.
  9. The Junior’s SS class is planning another outreach at Wal Mart on Sabbath afternoon, July 22. Everyone is invited to participate.  Please keep this event in your prayers.
  10. Looking further ahead, we have a 9 day Youth Led Evangelistic series set to take place September 8-16. Katie Jane Emde & Jesse Felan will be the featured speakers with our youth leading out in health nuggets and music.  This series will be held at our church and it is time to be thinking of who you would like to invite.  If you are currently in the midst of Bible studies, consider preparing for this event. If you are not studying with anyone, please pray that God will lead you to a searching soul.
  11. Lastly, I want to remind you that on any given Sabbath we are blessed to have guests from the community. Recently we have had two guests attend and I am delighted to hear that one has just begun Bible studies with a member and the other was invited to a 4th of July party this week.  So thankful for our church family.
  12. Last Friday evening the families of children grades k-6 gathered at the Sarria home for worship and fellowship.  Here’s a picture of the group as they participated in a game about being different but all loved by God.  IMG_2418

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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