Friday, May 19, 2017

Dear Church Family,

I came across this article on the topic of jewelry and wanted to pass it along.  This topic some are quick to pass over as though it’s irrelevant seeing that Jesus is the center of our faith.  However, being that Jesus is the center of our faith, then wouldn’t it make sense that just as a wife desires to dress in a manner to please her husband, so we the bride would desire to please our Lord?  The fundamental issue that I come to on this point of jewelry is that while jewelry is not inherently evil, we are and until we are removed from this world of sin, we need not tempt ourselves with those things that can encourage pride and idolatry.  We are not in a condition yet to wear such things.   Secondly, we are a witness to the world, like it or not, and if we carry the name Adventist, we have a responsibility to live up to that name.  If we really believe Jesus is coming soon, if we believe we are living in the antitypical day of atonement, then should we not live in a manner of simplicity and surrender that illustrates our convictions. I know this pertains to more than just jewelry but you get the point.

Lastly, Ezekiel 20:32 reads:

What you have in your mind shall never be, when you say, ‘We will be like the Gentiles, like the families in other countries, serving wood and stone.’

In your mind and heart you may too wish that you could live like the gentiles of the world, like those who don’t know or hold to these precious truths we count so dear, but God says such an option is not available to us.  Nor should it be as if we truly love and know God, if we have truly believed and embraced the new covenant promise, then how could we not trust Him with our happiness.  No, we can’t turn our backs on these truths and be treated as the ignorant gentile.

May we study to show ourselves approved and by His transforming grace live the dedicated and simple life of a Seventh-day Adventist believer.

Remember that those who are taken to heaven will end up casting their jeweled crowns at the feet of Jesus in praise.  Let us practice this act of worship today by casting our jewels aside today in surrender and honor to Him.

In the news:

  1. We had a great attendance this week with Sebastain Teh’s medical missionary classes. We heard amazing testimonies from people who found relief from some of their aches and pains etc. My take away was the importance of touch as a means of demonstrating care and compassion. We enjoyed getting better acquainted with several from the community and even found some who are interested in coming to the THUNDER dinner this coming Thursday evening.  See below to learn about how to get involved. 18527320_1360788577290980_8456772034633828121_o
  2. We celebrated the 8th grade graduation last night. I think many shed a tear or two over the beautiful letters shared between parents and students. How blessed we are to have such a beautiful Christian environment to raise our children.  The 8th graders returned this week from their class trip where they visited DC and also visited the world church headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist church.  Here’s a picture from their trip. 20170515110223_IMG_3159
  3. There will be a special vespers program tonight for families with children in grades k-6. Bring the whole family and join Pastor Alex & Suranny at 7pm tonight for worship and fellowship.   His address is 245 Walnut Grove Road. 
  4. Pastor Alex will be sharing the message tomorrow. I will be away in Atlanta for the AAA graduation weekend where Isabel will be graduating Saturday night.
  5. There will be a fellowship luncheon this Sabbath with the Carlton Team hosting.
  6. This Sabbath afternoon at 4 pm at the Wal-Mart parking lot (Note the change from the Greeneville Commons as stated in the bulletin) there will be a GLOW tract distribution. This outreach event is for everyone. 
  7. AYA this week will be at 8pm and will feature young musicians from our church and school.
  8. GAA will have a follow up constituency meeting this coming Monday night. Please note that a school constituency meeting is intended for ALL CHURCH MEMBERS.  It is NOT for parents only.  The meeting is scheduled for 5:30pm at the GAA gym and will feature more information on the 11th grade plans for next year.
  9. Prayer Meeting will resume this week as we continue our study in Ezekiel.
  10. Just a reminder that we have a local radio station, WOFB 97.9 FM where we have featured 3ABN radio. We are beginning to advertise our church on there now.  Here’s our current radio ad for the church.  Thanks Brad for getting this together.
  11. Remember that our THUNDER Dinner is this Thursday night at 6:30pm behind the church. We are asking that you find a friend or acquaintance and bring them to the 413556_3894931453903_1210480536_odinner. Members are asked to come only if they bring a guest from the community.  Please RSVP by Monday morning at 9am.  Remember it’s just a simple dinner with a dessert offered in the fellowship hall where we will watch the ½ hr Thunder Lesson 1 DVD.  This then provides a great opportunity to invite your guest to watch the rest with you in your home or theirs or even at the church.  Please take advantage of this great opportunity to start a Bible study.
  12. Looking ahead to next weekend, May 26-27:
    1. Friday at 7pm –  Immitators vespers at Pastor Alex’s home.
    2. Sabbath at 11am – We will celebrate the Lord’s supper together.
    3. Sabbath at 4pm – Hike at Horse Creek.
    4. Sabbath at 7:30pm – Gary and Toni Lewis will present an up-date on their aviation mission in Papua New Guinea.  Stories and pictures will bring alive the adventure of using the Cessna 182 air ambulance to serve remote villages in the jungle and support their village lay missionaries. Toni is the nurse and Gary is the pilot. Share the joy of what God is doing in the jungles of PNG and plan on a love offering to support it.
  13. I visited with Jolene Thurlow yesterday at the hospital. She fell and broke her hip earlier this week when she was walking in for her chemo treatment. Her birthday was on the 17th but it was spent in the hospital.  Please remember Jolene as she seeks recovery. I know she appreciates your prayers and perhaps a visit or two.  She is in Laughlin but will begin rehab soon at Tacoma I understand.
  14. I also spoke with Ron Fielder this week regarding Connie. She has been facing some real pain in her foot and leg as she suffers some circulation issues. She had a procedure done last week and is currently at home but facing a lot of pain. Please keep her in prayer.
  15. I spoke with Jerry Cohen this week about his cancer. In case you hadn’t heard, Jerry has been diagnosed with cancer of the lung which I understand is related to asbestos exposure years ago.  He and Patti need much prayer but I am happy to report that their faith is strong.
  16. Remember Vivian Culler who is facing heart surgery in the next few weeks. Bill Barrett is battling cancer and things are very serious. Ken Martin appreciates your prayers as he continues treatments for His cancer. Stan Shelton is to have a procedure done soon at the hospital and appreciates your prayers.  And there are more.  Our church seems to be suffering a lot of hurt and pain lately.  Let us pray for comfort and strength to stay the course and work for Him as we anticipate His soon return.
  17. The boys and I have taken some morning bike rides this week as Jason turned 10 and got a new bike for his birthday!  I was reminded of what a beautiful area Greeneville is.  Here are some pics from our rides.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In closing I wish to share a few clips from a letter written in 1880  by Ellen White to her husband.  She writes:

[During the] hours of the night, while others are sleeping, I am praying that the responsible work committed to my trust may be so unselfishly and faithfully done that God will approve. The anxiety is not with me what others may think or what others may do, but What shall I do to glorify God? and Will my work bear the inspection of God? Is every high look removed from me? Is my heart in harmony with Jesus, the humble Man of Calvary? I am weeping and praying and working, trying my motives and feelings in the light of eternity, and if I am saved at last, it will be through the matchless love of my Redeemer. . .

My husband, we must cultivate the spirit of Christ. There are many who profess the truth who need its sanctifying influence upon their hearts. Upright dealing and an exalted profession may characterize the life, but a want of true kindness, nobility of soul, conciliatory deportment, will neutralize all the good they are capable of doing. A sour, censorious religion finds no example in the religion of Christ.…

Kind words, pleasant looks, and unselfish courtesy we must cultivate, for it will invest our character with a charm that will secure us respect and increase our usefulness tenfold more than were we otherwise in words and deportment.…   UL April 16

Are we conversing with God at such a level as this.  Let us go deep with Him and seek to know His thoughts and will.  Remember, His promises are right and plentiful.

Blessings as you prepare for the Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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