Friday, April 14, 2017

Dear Church Family,

Words to ponder:

It is the fragrance of our love for our fellow men that reveals our love for God. It is patience in service that brings rest to the soul.   AA 560

In the news:

  1. Michael Dant who was our speaker out at the Oaks last week will be with us again this Sabbath. He will be speaking at 10:05am and again at 11am.  We are switching the schedule around this Sabbath in that the lesson study will begin at 9:15am and what we would normally call the preliminaries will be at 10am.  We will also celebrate the baptism of Mikayla Shoemaker tomorrow as well as enjoy the orchestra in our worship service.
  2. We would like to have your feedback from last weekend’s retreat at the Oaks. Would you kindly take this short 5 question survey?  Let us know what you thought.
  3. Pastor Jason shared with me this article from last weeks Greeneville Sun which highlighted a push to have alchohol served at downtown events in Greeneville. If you would like to speak out about this, contact our aldermen and share your concerns.
  4. Just a reminder that our campaign to raise funds for the HOPE center building project is continuing. This represents a great need in our community and we want to be supportive.  If you wish to contribute, just mark your tithe envelope, “HOPE center.”
  5. Our Community Services Center is in real need of more help. So many are sick right now or battling cancer and the number of faithful volunteers is beginning to greatly diminish.  If you are willing to just contribute a couple hours during the week, any day, please contact Elder Coonley or Dr. Turk immediately.  Thank you!
  6. I attended the Dinner with the Doctor program this past Tuesday evening and was pleased to see a good attendance and even greater enthusiasm amongst those who attended. All in all we had around 40 people present that evening.  As usual it was well put together and Dr. Nelson served as the speaker for the evening.   Sorry I failed to get a picture at the event.
  7. Leroy Wanamaker’s mother, Clara Wanamaker, 97 years old, passed away on Friday the 7th, her funeral was Wednesday the 12th. in Canada.  Please keep Leroy and his family in prayer, that they be comforted and that they have safe travels.
  8. Opal Silva was laid to rest this week with the funeral taking place on Wednesday. Opal touched many lives. Something I learned was that Fred McDonald, Ginger Small, and Harry Nelson all knew each other as kids and knew Opal back then.  Small world indeed.   It was a beautiful day weather wise and I was again touched by how lovingly our ladies served the family after the service with a nice meal.  The ministry of our bereavement committee is so meaningful at a time like this.
  9. I wanted to share with you the pictures from the other night that we shared at AYA. The projector didn’t broadcast the colors accurately and so here are most of the images for those who have interest in them.

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

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