Friday, March 31, 2017

Dear Church Family,

I found the following statement rather fascinating:

“The mass of people think that if a person is prepared to die, he is prepared for the coming of the Lord.  But they do not consider the difference between dying, and standing alive to meet the Lord at His appearing.  It is one thing to die in Christ, to yield our spirits to Him while He is pleading for us before His Father’s throne, and quite a different thing to stand in the Time of Trouble, after Jesus has ceased to plead in man’s behalf; after His priesthood is closed, and He is preparing to come redeem His own, and to take vengeance on His foes.  They who realize these things will thank Heaven that a means has been devised in the mercy of God for the perfecting of the saints, and that we are not left without direct help from on high to carry on such a work as that which lies before us“ (Life Sketches of James & Ellen White, page 431).

In the news:

  1. This Sabbath we will have GAA’s Senior Choir & Handbells sharing in the worship service with us.  I will also be sharing the morning message entitled, “A Surreal Reality.”
  2. There will be a fellowship dinner this week with the Carlton’s & Smith’s hosting.
  3. This Sabbath’s AYA will be at 7pm. Tina and I will share pictures from some of our travels over the past couple of years and consider the beauty of God’s creation.  Here is a snippet of what we will be sharing.


  4. The Boat Race that was scheduled for this Saturday night has been canceled.
  5. GAA will be hosting an international food fair this Thursday, April 6 from 5-6:30 p.m. This is a fundraiser for the ninth and tenth grade class trip. There’s always a great selection of food so come out and enjoy some good food and fellowship.
  6. All (men too) are invited to a “Come-and-Go” wedding shower for Julie and Joshua, this Sunday, April 2, from 10:00 am -12:30 pm, in the church fellowship hall. Come and have a bite to eat and visit with the couple. Wedding registries are at and
  7. Watch the clip below for a good reminder from our church about putting God first:
  8. Just a reminder that next Friday begins our spring church retreat at the Oaks with guest speaker Dr. Michael Dant. You won’t want to miss this inspiring weekend.  Our first meeting will be Friday evening at 7pm.
  9. I wanted to share with you a letter that went out to the parents at GAA this week. This is such exciting news as it positions us for greater growth and outreach in the years to come as a school.  Please keep this matter in much prayer.

The Greeneville Adventist Academy School Board voted on Monday, March 27th to initiate the process of adding an 11th & 12th grade program to our school. The Andrews University Griggs Online High School Program provides the opportunity for junior academies to transition to a senior academy program. The North American Division recently approved the use of Griggs for this transition. This would be a dramatic change from the AAA program we are currently using.

 Here are just a few highlights:

 Several Southern Union Jr. Academies are successfully using the Griggs program to transition to senior academy status.

  • Most of 11/12 grade classes would be taught by our own current faculty who are secondary certified.*
  • Student would be taught by teachers they know and have established relationships.
  • The few remaining 11/12 classes would be under the direction of the Andrews University Griggs Program.
  • The high school students (grades 9-12) would be moved upstairs thus permitting them their own identity and status.
  • The tuition would be relatively close to what 9/10 graders currently pay. This is a significant savings over boarding academy expense. Money that could be saved for college.
  • The academy students would participate as a senior academy in conference and union events. Bible Conferences, Leadership Conferences, Southern University Music fests, academic workshops, conference/union mission trips, educational tours, college fairs, etc…

*Mr. Ramsay & Mrs. Emde would be the primary academy teachers. Mrs. Shumaker and Mr. Nomura would also be teaching classes.

 The faculty is very excited about the prospects of becoming a complete K-12 program. The amazing opportunities are limitless.

 We would like to have your feedback with this transition. Is this a move that would interest you and your family?

 Please reply to this email within the next few days with your questions, comments or concerns.

 We value your input!


 Randy Nomura, Principal

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath!

Pastor Jeremy

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