Friday, February 17, 2017

Dear Church Family,

I wanted to share this helpful article which I believe serves as a healthy reminder that we must be extra vigilant to refrain from becoming involved with conspiracy theories and fake news.  As Adventists, we are blessed with a wonderful and clear understanding regarding Bible prophecy. (Revelation 10)  That said, at times I fear we are tempted to seek new and timely information to accentuate and expand upon the clear thus sayeth the Lord.  However, such works can quickly delegitimize our message and do much more harm than good.  Often conspiracy theories contain an element of truth but to place an idea that is only partially correct beside our prophetic message which is so solid is in some ways a type of spiritual fornication.  We are living in uncertain times and people are looking for a certain message with a certain sound.  Let’s not distract searching hearts from the clear message we’ve been given.  The following council is most relevant for us today:

“Walk firmly, decidedly, your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. You may be sure that pure and undefiled religion is not a sensational religion. God has not laid upon anyone the burden of encouraging an appetite for speculative doctrines and theories. My brethren, keep these things out of your teaching. Do not allow them to enter into your experience. Let not your lifework be marred by them.” – Counsels to the Church, pg. 325

In the news:

  1. This Sabbath, our GAA students will be presenting the book of Revelation for the worship hour. Pastor Jason has spent time leading them in the preparation of this beautiful series that depicts in summary fashion the Revelation of Jesus.  It’s a great program to bring friends from the community to.
  2. There will be no fellowship dinner this week.
  3. This Sabbath we will have our Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner program. Thank you to Kathy Nomura and her team for assembling this program where host and guests are assembled in a surprise fashion.
  4. AYA this week will be at 5pm and will feature a presentation on The Art of Lying. Here is how Little Light Studio’s describes this fascinating documentary:

“Not everything you see on TV is evil. Not everything is damaging to you. But what kinds of things are good to watch, and what kinds of things are bad to watch? What we hope to achieve is that you will be able to make better choices of what you allow into your mind, based on this information.”

This is the goal of the makers and producers of Pseudology, a documentary which discusses in detail the ways in which electronic media, especially television, influence the perceptions, thoughts, and beliefs of viewers. Through interviews with media scholars, physicians, hypnotherapists, and medical specialists in brain function, Pseudology demonstrates conclusively that media influence” goes far beyond exposing people to harmful ideas. In fact, television physically affects brain chemistry and function: it alters the working of the brain’s frontal lobe (the seat of higher functions like logic, morality, and will power), causes increased levels of anxiety and depression, and serves as a drug which in the short term stimulates brain function, but in the long term suppresses it. And by having this effect on infants and children, whose brains are still developing, television serves to precondition their minds to expect high levels of stimulation – thus leading to attention deficit problems in later life.Pseudology also documents how, through physical change and psychological conditioning, television and advertising change individuals’ emotional responses, and thereby alter their thoughts.

Note that the Emmanuel Quartet program for AYA was canceled and will have to be rescheduled.

  1. This coming Monday evening at 6pm, there will be an Emergency Preparedness class by Walt Cross & Jim Clayburn in the church fellowship hall. All are invited to attend.
  2. Just a reminder that the deadline for Liberty Magazine sponsorships which are only $6 dollars a subscription is February 25. Please consider sponsoring a few of these so that our nations leaders can be kept aware of the issues at hand.  See Kathy Frost for more info or simply mark your tithe envelope accordingly.
  3. I enjoyed a visit with Bill Barrett this week. As you know Bill has been struggling with a long battle with cancer.  His trust is in the Lord and he is hopeful that the treatment he is currently undergoing is doing its work.  He appreciates all the prayers and his behalf and asks that we continue.
  4. Marti, the daughter of Alice Hughes lost her sister Bobbi to sudden death last weekend. They had just laid their mother Alice to rest the previous weekend and then Bobbi, Alice’s daughter, died in her sleep the following weekend. Let’s remember the family and please call or send cards to Marti to offer encouragement.  Marti isn’t currently a member but knows the church well.
  5. Thursday, Tina and I drove the nearly 1000 miles down here to the Key’s where I will be sharing for this year’s camp meeting write by the sea. There is a baptism in the ocean tomorrow planned and Juanita Kretschmar and Laura & Ray Salidino and others down here are working to prepare a special weekend.  Thank you for the prayers as we seek God’s blessing and leading for this year’s camp meeting.  The meetings will be live streamed via the local Adventist radio station WHNJ.  Here are some pics Tina took while out this morning. I will try and post some more later.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  6. Looking ahead, just a reminder that next Sabbath is International Sabbath. Kezia Finley and others have been working hard to prepare a special International flavor for next Sabbath which will include a special international fellowship dinner after church.  So iron any special outfit you may have from another country and pull out those recipes that represent where you’ve once lived or served.  Let’s celebrate the global nature of God’s end time work.
  7. Just a reminder that the How To Give A Bible Study class will resume this Tuesday at 6pm.
  8. There will be no Ezekiel class this coming Wednesday but will resume the following week.

Blessings as you prepare for the coming Sabbath!

In His Service,

Pastor Jeremy

One thought on “Friday, February 17, 2017

  1. Amazing photography, Jeremy! And what a great talent to share with our church “classes” that we offer the community.


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